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The five best mobile apps for taking care of business

by Brad Spirrison

Freshbooks Cloud AccountingDoing business without a smartphone would be like riding a bicycle without a seat: You could do it, but it’d be painful. To make your mobile device work for you — and your business — you need the right apps. Of the thousands out there, here are five that no business person should be without

Dropbox (iOS, Android Free)

The ultimate service for file storage and collaboration, Dropbox is perfect for making sure every coworker has access to the same documents, mock-ups, and videos. The two gigabytes of free storage keeps inboxes from getting cluttered. (iOS, Android Free)

Globalization means work forces spread across countries and continents.’s supremely simple screen-sharing app ensures everyone is on the same page, even when they’re not in the same time zone.

Freshbooks Cloud Accounting (iOS Free)

This cloud-based accounting platform lets you track project time, invoice clients and categorize spending. Designed and vetted by business owners so you won’t need a CPA to understand its dashboard.

Orchestra To-do (iOS Free)

Orchestra To-Do creates harmony out of chaos, continuously syncing so info stays up-to-date. Not only does Orchestra set up recurring reminders and email to-do lists to anyone, it comes with voice recognition for intuitive dictation.

Kayak Pro (iOS $0.99, Android Free)

This app is a one-stop shop for the road warrior. Compare prices, book flights and rooms, manage itineraries and research baggage fees.

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