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New iPhone apps worth downloading: StubHub update, Lango, Roll: Boulder Smash

by Phil Hornshaw

With South by Southwest taking place this week in Austin, Texas, ticket marketplace app StubHub has got a big update specifically for the festival. It leads today’s apps worth downloading, followed by Lango, an app that gives users a number of interesting emoticons and other elements to use in messaging. Finally, there’s Roll: Boulder Smash, which lets players take control of a boulder and smash stuff with tilt controls.

StubHub update (Free)

What’s it about? Find tickets to sports, concerts, shows and anything else with the help of StubHub, and purchase them straight from your iOS device.

What’s cool? StubHub gives users the ability to find all kinds of tickets to all kinds of different shows. Fire it up, and you can search for bands, sports and other shows, and nail them down based on venues, what’s near you, and dates. StubHub also lets you filter your tickets by seats in the venue and through a number of other searches. The app’s latest update brings all kinds of music information from the South by Southwest festival taking place in Austin this week.

Who’s it for? If you love concerts and shows, you need to check out StubHub.

What’s it like? You can also get handy ticket information from Ticketmaster, and Fandango can help handle your movie ticket needs.

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Lango (Free)

What’s it about? Think of Lango as an emoticon app that adds lots of different icons to your capabilities for messaging – but tuned up to be even more expressive across more services.

What’s cool? Lango is a messaging app at heart that links into your SMS and instant messaging capabilities on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to inject a lot more personality into those interactions. Instead of just sending smiley faces along with text, Lango lets you add a lot of other visual elements, including wallpapers. You can send your messages for free across SMS channels, or use Lango’s icons on your social networking posts for services such as Facebook and Twitter. Some stuff is free, and you can also purchase more icons over time.

Who’s it for? If you like texting, tweeting and status updating with more flare than most, try Lango.

What’s it like? More emoticon capabilities are available from Emoji 2 and Color Text.

Roll: Boulder Smash ($0.99)

What’s it about? In Roll: Boulder Smash, you take control a boulder and smash into stuff to score points by rolling downhill and picking up as much speed as possible.

What’s cool? Smashing stuff is pretty cool in and of itself, and Roll: Boulder Smash gives you an opportunity to do lots of smashing. The game uses tilt controls to control your boulder as it heads downhill, and your job is to guide it toward cartoon people, animals and structures. You’ll also need to avoid things you can’t destroy, in order to keep your speed and power up. The more things you smash, the more points you earn through each level, and tougher structures to destroy are worth more points. Roll includes 60 different levels to play through and lots of achievements to earn to keep up the challenge.

Who’s it for? If you like arcade titles and tight tilt controls, you’ll enjoy Roll: Boulder Smash.

What’s it like? For more good tilt controls, try Tilt to Live and Labyrinth.

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