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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Files App, Climate Clock update, Temple Run: Oz

by Phil Hornshaw

Today's fresh app picks start with Files App, an addition to your iPhone or iPad that could seriously impact your productivity. The app makes it easy to access files from your computer or cloud storage and doubles as a reader for everything from PDFs to music files. We've also got the newly updated Climate Clock, a minimalist weather forecast app, and Temple Run: Oz, a tie-in title with the upcoming Disney film that iterates on the Temple Run 2 formula.

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Files App (Free)

Files AppWhat’s it about? Whether its viewing photos, reading Microsoft Office documents, skimming PDFs or any combination thereof, Files App makes it easy to access your files on your iOS devices.

What’s cool? Files App lets you access a number of different files on your smartphone, from music and photos to documents and more. By default, your iPhone or iPad can't read a handful of common file types without specific apps to help bridge the gap, and Files App handles that burden. You can easily drag and drop items onto your device from your computer and then access them through the app when you're out in the world, and you can also share and access items through Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud-sharing services.

Who’s it for? Busy people who'd like access to various files when on the go – or just about anyone who sees a use for a file reader of various types – should check out Files App.

What’s it like? The standalone Dropbox app can help with a lot of file types, as can Files: Document Reader.

Climate Clock update ($0.99)

Climate ClockWhat’s it about? Weather app Climate Clock bills itself as providing “minimal” hourly worldwide forecasts, meaning it has a simple UI and quickly provides lots of weather info.

What’s cool? If you're looking for a visually gorgeous weather app that doesn't take a lot of attention or time to navigate, Climate Clock could be it. The app provides you with hourly forecast updates for whatever locations you set, and you can see what the weather will be like throughout the day even from your Home Screen with the app's latest update. Climate Clock also includes 10-day forecasts and packs dozens of gorgeous, minimalist hand-designed backgrounds for you to peruse.

Who’s it for? Climate Clock is specifically geared at weather app users who like to keep it simple.

What’s it like? For weather forecast alternatives, try The Weather Channel or Weather On.

Temple Run: Oz ($0.99)

Temple Run: OzWhat’s it about? Imagi's new version of Temple Run, tying in with Disney's film Oz, puts players in the magical land of Oz and tweaks the Temple Run 2 formula to great results.

What’s cool? Temple Run Oz effectively switches up the tried-and-true Temple Run 2 template, making it more than just a colorful reskin with an Oz theme. For one, the game feels much more dynamic, with players finding their path twisting, turning, dropping and rising more often than in the core Temple Run 2 experience. That means you'll be dealing with obstacles a little differently as you become aware of them at different times. You'll also have to avoid collapsing roadways and dodge flying monkeys as they come hurtling at you. This is the usual Temple Run 2 experience, tweaked enough to make it feel fresh and a little unique.

Who’s it for? If you're interested in the movie Oz, and especially if you're a Temple Run 2 fan, try out Temple Run Oz.

What’s it like? Obviously the original Temple Run 2 will offer a good alternative with the same basic play; I'm also partial to One Epic Knight and its riff on the formula.

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