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New iPhone apps worth downloading: SportsPage update, Kickstarter, Hackycat

by Phil Hornshaw

Need a sports fix? Start your week with SportsPage, an app that lets you define what sports news you want to see – down to the sports, teams and cities covered. Following that is Kickstarter, the official app of the crowdfunding service, which allows users to see and back projects, or monitor the ones they’ve created. Finally, we have Hackycat, a cute game about trying to juggle cartoon cats with your feet.

SportsPage: Your Sports Magazine update ($0.99)

What’s it about? SportsPage is a custom listing of sports information and articles, so you can zero-in on only the news that interests you.

What’s cool? SportsPage lets you define your interests at the outset. You can tell the app what your favorite teams are and from which cities and which sports, and SportsPage will then aggregate only the relevant news and allow you to read it at your leisure. You can also share your favorite stories with others through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Who’s it for? Sports fans who want the convenience of all the sports and teams they follow in one place could benefit from SportsPage.

What’s it like? Lots of sports news is available on Bleacher Report’s Team Stream, Sports Headlines and ESPN SportsCenter Feed. You can also download the free version.

Kickstarter (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of crowdfunding service Kickstarter brings you the website experience to your iOS device.

What’s cool? Kickstarter is divided into two sections, one for project creators and one for project backers, and you can access all of it from the Kickstarter app. If you’re looking at projects, you can watch videos and back them as you see fit from the app. If you’re a creator, you can post updates, track your project’s progress and connect with backers from wherever.

Who’s it for? If Kickstarter interests you as a backer – and it should, there are some really interesting projects on there – or you need to keep track of your project, this app’s for you.

What’s it like? While not directly related to crowdfunding, both PayPal supports the ability to make and receive donations.

Hackycat ($0.99)

What’s it about? At its simplest, Hackycat is the game Hacky Sack – with cats.

What’s cool? As the game mentions at its outset, Hackycat is populated by stunt cats, which players need to bobble in the air like foot bags. In order to keep bouncing the cat higher, you tap the screen to keep it from hitting the ground, and flick in the direction you want it to go to direct it. That’s key to your strategy, because you’ll get more and more cats added to the game as time goes on, and you’ll need to kick them toward cheeseburgers in order to build up the ability to clear one of your cats off the screen. The longer you keep going without dropping a cat, the higher your score.

Who’s it for? Casual game players who enjoy high scores and cute cats should pick up Hackycat. It’s not as bad for the cartoon cats as it sounds (after all, they do get cheeseburgers).

What’s it like? Hacky Stack will also help you fill the void for finger-based footbag games in your life.

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