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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Girl Scout Cookie FInder, DIE HARD, Relic Rush

by Phil Hornshaw

If you fiend for Girl Scout cookies every year, Girl Scout Cookie Finder can hook you up with local places to buy. We’ve also got two new games to close out the week. Up first is Die Hard, a movie tie-in title that brings fast-paced shooting action to the Temple Run formula. Last but not least, Relic Rush will give you some old-school platforming fun with extremely simple controls.

Girl Scout Cookie Finder update (Free)

What’s it about? As you probably guessed, Girl Scout Cookie Finder locate Girl Scout cookies just about anywhere.

What’s cool? Girl Scout Cookie Finder uses your iOS device’s GPS to track down cookies for sale around you. The app brings you listings of places you can procure Girl Scout cookies by proximity and provides addresses, phone numbers, and directions. You can also use the app to search by Zip code, and then alert your friends when you’ve located cookies through social networks. Girl Scout Cookie Finder’s latest update brings in a better interface, updated cookie listings, improved navigation, and more information about the “5 Skills” program.

Who’s it for? If you’re jonesing for a cookie fix, Girl Scout Cookie Finder is for you.

What’s it like? Girl Scout Cookie Locator will also help buyers find cookies, and Cookie Scout is handy for scouts who need to tally prices quickly.

DIE HARD ($0.99)

What’s it about? The official game of It’s a Good Day to Die Hard takes a page from Temple Run, but adds shooting.

What’s cool? You’ve probably played games similar to DIE HARD at this point. It’s an endless runner with over-the-shoulder perspective. The difference here is that, while you’ll still be dodging obstacles, you’ll also need to take down Russian baddies as you go, lest they shoot you down instead. That means you’ll need quick reflexes to jump debris, switch back and forth between lanes, and land accurate shots to earn points and take down bad guys before they do too much damage.

Who’s it for? Fans of the new Die Hard movie and who are looking for a slightly different kind of runner might want to check out DIE HARD. The game is not for kids, but it is an interesting riff on the runner genre.

What’s it like? Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are obvious inspirations, and another good alternative is Agent Dash.

Relic Rush ($0.99)

What’s it about? Old-school platformer Relic Rush isn’t so much about jumping and dodging as it is about timing, with players using careful taps and holds to avoid obstacles.

What’s cool? In Relic Rush your character is endlessly running toward the end of the level in hopes of grabbing a jungle relic, and you need to stop him from getting into trouble. To do that, you touch and hold your device’s screen, using carefully timed holds and releases to get the character through safely. You’ll run through seven or eight timed levels together in each stage,  so the goal is to make it through each one as fast as possible. But if you die, you have to start that level over. Relic Rush requires a lot of timing and attention, but it’s simple enough that anyone can learn to play.

Who’s it for? If you like your games simple to learn but hard to master, pick up Relic Rush.

What’s it like? Check out platformers such as Meganoid 2 and Pix‘n Love Rush for a similar experience.

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