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New iPhone apps worth downloading: MyFace+ for Facebook, Zipaclip, Ghostbusters

by Phil Hornshaw

Get a different kind of Facebook experience with today’s leading fresh app, MyFace+ for Facebook. We’ve also got Zipaclip, an app for sending private videos, and Ghostbusters, a game based on the movie in which you build a team of spook-stoppers.

MyFace+ for Facebook ($0.99)

What’s it about? MyFace+ is a Facebook client, yet another way to interact with the social network with a different user interface.

What’s cool? MyFace+ includes a number of cool additional features, like photo filters, push notifications, and status update options that also let you access personal Pages and other elements. The app also includes all the core Facebook features you’d get out of the standard app.

Who’s it for? Facebook users, try MyFace+ for a different take on accessing the social network.

What’s it like? Try the standard Facebook app, as well as Facebook’s Pages Manager app for the less personal sections of the site.

Zipaclip - Secure Video Sharing (Free)

What’s it about? Video app Zipaclip allows users to shoot short videos and share them with friends privately.

What’s cool? You can create video messages to send to friends, for example, and shoot clips as long as five minutes for sharing. The app also supports text messages and sends everything through its encrypted cloud to help guarantee privacy. You can also use the app to retract messages you send to others as well.

Who’s it for? If you like sending messages and videos, but would rather keep them to yourself and your recipient, get Zipaclip.

What’s it like? DiviMe provides similar private video-sharing capabilities, and Twitter’s newly released Vine app takes the idea in a more public direction.

Ghostbusters (Free)

What’s it about? Build a team of professional paranormal investigation and elimination specialists in Ghostbusters, which lets you fight and capture ghosts just like in the classic movies.

What’s cool? Ghostbusters has players exploring New York City and cleaning out its ectoplasmic infestation. You’ll move around the city to different locations and bust ghosts, earning money and slime that you can invest into hiring more Ghostbusters, enhancing equipment, and running experiments. As your team improves, you’ll be able to climb a haunted tower dominated by the lead evil spirit, defeating boss ghosts along the way in order to take it back, one floor at a time. You’ll also be able to open more of the city over time as you purchase permits and other upgrades.

Who’s it for? Ghostbusters fans should definitely get in on the action here, but anyone who enjoys a mix of action and management simulation games should get a kick out of Ghostbusters. Also, for gamers who ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Watch some ghostbusting action:

What’s it like? You can also get your Ghostbusters fix with the help of Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast.

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