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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Fuzz Radio, Time Surfer, Noble Nutlings

by Phil Hornshaw

If you’re in the market for a new streaming radio app, you’ll want to start with Fuzz Radio, an app that lets you listen to DJ-curated radio stations. We’ve also got some solid new games that just hit the iTunes App Store: Time Surfer, a side-scrolling game similar to Tiny Wings, and Noble Nutlings, a physics title about driving a car filled with squirrels.

Fuzz Radio (Free)

What’s it about? Streaming music app Fuzz Radio lets users tap into radio stations created by DJs on

What’s cool? Fuzz Radio is a streaming music app that opts for a personal touch, rather than an automated one. It allows you to tap into specialized radio stations created and curated by actual people, so you can find music you like (and discover new stuff you’ve never heard of before) based on your tastes. The app allows you to tag your favorite Fuzz DJs so you can find them again later, and to give them “props” to let them know you think they’re doing a solid job. You can also search for stations based on artists and songs, and share your favorite stations with others through social networking.

Who’s it for? Fans of streaming music over the Internet should check out Fuzz as an alternative to other services.

What’s it like? For a more automated approach to Internet radio, there’s Pandora Radio, or Spotify.

Time Surfer ($0.99)

What’s it about? Side-scroller Time Surfer has players manipulate time in order to get as far as they can, grabbing momentum while going downhill and launching themselves by ramping upward.

What’s cool? Time Surfer starts with the proven premise of launching yourself off hills. You hold your thumb down to pick up momentum going down hills, then release to launch yourself as you come back up the next hill. To differentiate itself, Time Surfer throws in the ability to reverse time to correct your mistakes, and also throws in some huge gaps, enemies and other obstacles to make the game seriously challenging, but also highly addictive.

Who’s it for? If you enjoy games such as Tiny Wings, Time Surfer is certainly one you should grab.

What’s it like? Tiny Wings is another great title that uses similar mechanics, as is Ski Safari.

Noble Nutlings (Free)

What’s it about? Squirrels drive vehicles like cars and unicycles in Noble Nutlings, a title in which you’re scored by how fast you can get through each side-scrolling course.

What’s cool? Noble Nutlings is one of those titles in which your job is to keep your vehicle on course as you ramp over hills, fly down valleys and boost through obstacles. The game is controlled with a combination of touch controls for acceleration and tilt controls to keep your squirrel cart from flipping over and sending your woodland critter friends all over the place. The game includes 36 different tracks, all of which contain different obstacles and physics challenges to surmount, and all of which challenge you to speed through them to earn all three stars.

Who’s it for? If you like your physics games with a little bit of a racing edge, grab Noble Nutlings.

What’s it like? Rovio Mobile’s Bad Piggies has similar driving mechanics, but you get to build your own vehicles in each stage.

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