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New iPhone apps worth downloading: eBay update, MullerPhoto, Run’n’Gun

by Phil Hornshaw

We’re starting today’s haul of apps worth downloading with an update to the official eBay app, which  added new features to simplify selling on the online auction site. Following that is MullerPhoto, a photography app with features created by known Hollywood photographer Michael Muller, and Run’n’Gun, a Temple Run-style endless runner, but with guns.

eBay update (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of auction site eBay makes it easy to buy and sell items over the Internet, from listing what you have to completing your transactions with other users.

What’s cool? The latest update to eBay adds a few new features, like a new list flow design that makes selling and finding things a bit easier, as well as simplifies and expands photo editing capabilities for listings. The app also provides additional guidance about creating listings and what items are worth when you sell them. If you’ve used eBay on the web, you have an idea of how its iOS app works – it’s a pretty solid way to keep up with auctions you’re watching or in which you’re participating, allows you to pay for things if you win them, and allows for listings to be created wherever you are with pictures snapped from your device.

Who’s it for? This one’s a must-have for avid eBay users, and anyone looking to sell items online.

What’s it like? Try eBay’s other app,, and Amazon Mobile for more great shopping and selling.

MullerPhoto ($1.99)

What’s it about? Photography app MullerPhoto combines picture-taking you’re used to, like editing and filters, with features designed by Hollywood celebrity photographer Michael Muller.

What’s cool? The main feature that sets MullerPhoto apart from the huge field of photo apps in the iTunes App Store is its “mixing pad.” The touch control allows you to blend different effects together in your photos by moving your finger around, creating customized looks for your photos by reworking things like hue and color. The app also has the standard effects we’ve come to expect from photo apps, like filters and other editing tools to get the most out of your images and liven them up.

Who’s it for? If you like iPhone photography (or you know anything about Michael Muller), give this app a shot.

What’s it like? Other great camera apps include Camera Awesome and Camera+, both of which offer a ton of editing and filtering options.

Run’n’Gun (Free)

What’s it about? Behind-the-back endless runner Run’n’Gun is pretty standard in terms of its mechanics, but adds shooting to the running, jumping, and sliding.

What’s cool? Adding guns to the mix differentiates Run’n’Gun from the competition. Like titles such as Temple Run, Agent Dash, and Pitfall!, Run’n’Gun puts the camera over the player character’s shoulder and has you tilting to move back and forth along a road and swiping to jump, slide or turn. You earn coins and points by surviving and using your weapons to take down enemy goblins along the way.

Who’s it for? If you enjoy other third-person endless runners, you’ll get a kick out of Run’n’Gun – it’s also free.

What’s it like? Among the best in the genre are Temple Run and Agent Dash, as well as my personal favorite, One Epic Knight.

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