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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Camera Awesome and Whims updates, Baldur’s Gate

by Phil Hornshaw

Mobile device photographers should take notice of an updated Camera Awesome that optimizes the popular photography app for iPads. We’ve also got an update to “Instagram for words” Whims, a text-sharing and typography app, and a huge release for classic gamers in Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPad.

Camera Awesome update (Free)

What’s it about? A hugely popular camera app, Camera Awesome adds capabilities to your iOS device that help produce better photos.

What’s cool? Camera Awesome includes features that let users take better photos, like its “awesomize” capability for retouching your shots, and its “time travel” feature for shooting video that actually starts recording before you hit the button, in order to help you avoid missing the action. The update to Camera Awesome increases its capabilities by optimizing it for iPad users as well as those using it on iPhone, and also adds Facebook’s Single Sign On capabilities.

Who’s it for? If you shoot a lot of photos on your iOS device, Camera Awesome will probably help make them better.

What’s it like? Camera+ also includes a number of highly useful photography features, and CameraBag packs lots of different filters to alter your photographs.

Whims update (Free)

What’s it about? Social sharing app Whims’ developer describes it as “Instagram for words,” which is a pretty accurate depiction. You share words and typography to get a message across, with a bit of a retro flare.

What’s cool? Typography nerds will instantly see the appeal of Whims. You can write out your messages, combining color and typography to make some truly interesting-looking items. So rather than sharing filtered images, you’re sharing visually appealing text, with the capabilities of seeing other people’s Whims and interacting with those people. The app features a number of style sheets, which bring in curated bits of typography and design to Whims, and five more have just been added in an update that also squashes a litany of bugs.

Who’s it for? If you like sharing text updates and messages, but would rather do so with a little more than the generic text of Twitter or Facebook, give Whims a look.

What’s it like? Mess around with fonts a little more in Fontify, and add text to your Instagram images with Overgram.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (iPad) ($9.99)

What’s it about? The beloved classic role-playing title Baldur’s Gate has been expanded and enhanced for its iPad debut.

What’s cool? Baldur’s Gate is counted among the best games ever made for PC, released back in 1998, and offers a huge world of role-playing to explore. It boasts more than 80 hours of gameplay and more than 40 classes of characters players can control throughout their adventure. The Enhanced Edition adds new features to the game, including a new adventure called The Black Pits that wasn’t in the original game release, and three more characters that also didn’t make their way into the first version of Baldur’s Gate.

Who’s it for? This is one of those must-experience games for role-playing game fans and anyone who wants to know a little bit about where the games we play today came from.

What’s it like? You’ll find something of a similar experience in Dungeon Hunter 3 and Chrono Trigger.

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