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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Kafoodle, Pokédex, SketchPhrase

by Phil Hornshaw

If you’re the kind of person who loves trying new foods, you might want to grab Kafoodle, a social network dedicated to great meals. For the person who loves Pokémon, we’ve got the official Pokédex app from the makers of Nintendo’s super-popular series. And finally, there’s SketchPhrase, a multiplayer drawing game that combines “Telephone” with Pictionary!

Kafoodle (Free)

What’s it about? You know how people tend to use social networks to share what they’re eating? Kafoodle actually encourages this behavior – it’s a social network for finding things to eat.

What’s cool? The idea here is for members of the network to find great places to eat around them. Whenever you get something to eat, you can create a “profile” of the meal, including a photo, a description, a rating and the item’s location. The app isn’t just limited to restaurants, either. Anything you eat, including home-cooked meals, are fair game for profiles. Other people can see the things you’re eating (and more importantly, where to find them or how to make them), and vice versa. You can also “like” things that sound good or recommend your favorite meals to others, and create “Grub Lists” of things to try.

Who’s it for? Kafoodle is great for foodies who also happen to be social networking junkies.

What’s it like? For more great restaurant finds, try localfave and Alfred.

Pokédex for iOS ($1.99)

What’s it about? Pokémon masters: Pokédex for iOS is the official app from the makers of Nintendo’s smash-hit series, listing all of the pocket monsters.

What’s cool? If you’re a fan of the Pokémon games, then you know how important the Pokédex is to the characters of the universe It’s the guidebook for catching every single pocket monster in the world, and for using them effectively in combat as a Pokémon trainer. The official Pokédex includes a robust search function that allows you to find different pokémon through a number of criteria and a memo function that lets you keep your own notes about each one. There’s also a ton of information about each monster that you can use to compare and contrast them. The only bummer is that it’s broken down by the different “regions” of the game’s world, with the app covering the Unova region (which means pokémon numbers 494 to 647). If you want the other regions and pokémon, you’ll need to get them through in-app purchases.

Who’s it for? This is one for die-hard Pokémon fans.

What’s it like? If unofficial versions will do, try Ultédex for Pokémon or A+ Pokédex.

SketchPhrase ($2.99)

What’s it about? SketchPhrase combines the weirdness of miscommunication you see in the game “Telephone” with the hilarious and often terrible drawings of Pictionary.

What’s cool? A total of nine people will take turns in a given game of SketchPhrase before all is said and done, but they’re not exactly competing. Instead, the first person types in a phrase – one that can be basically anything (the app’s example is “T-Rex eating a hot dog”).The next person draws their interpretation of the phrase, and the person after her types down what they think the phrase is based only on the drawing. It continues like this, back and forth between phrases and drawings until nine people have participated, resulting in a long string of miscommunications, complete with several drawings. You can then go through other people’s phrases and drawings and “like” and “favorite” them. The more people who like the things you write and draw, the more stars and coins you’ll earn.

Who’s it for? If you like games like Pictionary, then buy SketchPhrase. It’s low-commitment and low-pressure, and you can play every game at your own pace.

What’s it like? For more multiplayer drawing, give Draw Something or Sketch n’ Guess a try.

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