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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Overgram™, Zapd update, Knightly Adventure

by Phil Hornshaw

Today’s apps worth downloading include Overgram, a free app for adding stylish text to your Instagram photos, a feature-rich update to social website maker Zapd, and Knightly Adventure, a social game in which you build a kingdom and embark on quests.

Overgram™ (Free)

What’s it about? Overgram is a free version of Over and it allows users to add captions or text over photos with ease, and share with friends.

What’s cool? While it might sound a bit trite at first, Overgram actually has an eye toward style in adding text to photos. The app puts a heavy emphasis on fonts and typography and is specifically geared toward sharing on Instagram. You can import filtered photos and slap some snazzy text on them, then also share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Who’s it for? Creative iPhone photographers who spend a lot of time using Instagram should check into Overgram.

What’s it like? Obviously there are similarities to Instagram in terms of photo-manipulation. There is also the paid version called Over, which is more robust.

Zapd update (Free)

What’s it about? Users can create their own social websites in seconds with Zapd, using an iPhone or iPad. The app update adds lots of additional features.

What’s cool? Quickly creating a website from a mobile device was cool to start with, but Zapd’s 2.0 update makes the app a whole lot better. For one, you can now collaborate with others on your site, and everyone can add content from wherever they are. There are also new social and discovery capabilities that allow you to find and follow other people’s Zapd sites. In addition, the developers plan to release new free site-building themes each month.

Who’s it for? Social networkers should consider Zapd as a way to connect with friends and share content. With the new collaboration feature, for example, you can create a site for an event and have all your friends add and update content.

What’s it like? When it comes to social sharing, there’s always Facebook. Give My Page a go for website creation.

Knightly Adventure (Free)

What’s it about? Social game Knightly Adventure is part building management title, similar to something like Farmville, and part role-playing game.

What’s cool? Knightly Adventure splits its time between having players build their own islands, laying down things like farms and mills to for economic supplies, and sending your characters out on action-based missions. You discover the game’s story and fight off monsters as you head out on missions, then use the resources gained to build your kingdom. Knightly Adventure works across multiple platforms, including PC, so you can play it on whatever device you want while interacting socially with other players.

Who’s it for? Fans of role-playing titles, as well as casual social games, will find something to like here. It’s definitely geared toward the social player, though.

What’s it like? The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a good and funny take on the same genre, as is Monster Life.

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