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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Facebook update, Shutterstock, Curiosity - what’s inside the cube

by Phil Hornshaw

In today’s list of new worthwhile apps we start with the latest update to Facebook, which adds the Gifts feature from the web-based version. Shutterstock is up next with a new iPhone version of its photo search app, and finally, there’s plenty of cube-bashing and social experimentation in Curiosity – what’s inside the cube.

Facebook update (Free)

What’s it about? Social networking app Facebook brings a lot of the coolest features of the web-based version to mobile, and the newly updated app now adds features found in its other apps.

What’s cool? Facebook has a few iOS apps floating around at this point – like Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera. Features from those apps have been rolled into the primary Facebook app, allowing users to upload multiple photos at a time and allowing for easier chatting through Facebook over a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The app has also added the Gifts feature from the web-based Facebook, meaning you can actually send real gifts to your Facebook friends from wherever you are.

Who’s it for? With about 800 million people using Facebook, this app is pretty much for everyone.

What’s it like? For more social networking, give Twitter a go. There’s also Myspace, if you’re averse to Facebook.

Shutterstock (Free)

What’s it about? Shutterstock is all about browsing through and discovering great stock photography, and now the app is available on the iPhone.

What’s cool? If stock photos are a thing you need, Shutterstock makes searching through them a pretty easy endeavor. You can filter colors, browse through photos by swiping and search using keywords. There’s also curated content to look through from Shutterstock’s editors, and if you have a paid Shutterstock account, you can download photos to your computer to use.

Who’s it for? Primarily, Shutterstock is for people in the market for stock photos, but the app is free so anyone can take a look through them.

What’s it like? To find more photos, try Getty Images. If you want to look through shots taken by others, give Flickr a go.

Curiosity – what’s inside the cube (Free)

What’s it about? A game from the new startup of legendary game designer Peter Molyneux has people from all over the world working together to chip away at a massive digital cube and discover what’s inside.

What’s cool? Curiosity is just kind of...weird. You can compete with other people to break more squares, work together to clear different areas, leave pictures or messages in the side of the cube – but really, all you’re doing is just tapping to clear squares from the cube. Only the person who taps last will discover the secret inside, so Curiosity is a big social experiment as much as anything.

Who’s it for? The curious, mostly. Curiosity is one of those weird games of which it’s fun to be a part.

What’s it like? Puzzler The Heist has something of a similar bent. If you solve all its puzzles, you’ll get a prize.

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