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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Time Warp Camera, Kindle update, Nun Attack

by Phil Hornshaw

In today’s run-down of great new apps, you’ll find Time Warp Camera, a camera app that packs editing capabilities as well as the ability to “roll back” photos to right before someone blinks. Also, an update to Amazon’s Kindle specifically geared toward textbooks, and Nun Attack, an action-strategy game with gun-toting, demon-battling nuns!

Time Warp Camera (Free)

Time Warp CameraWhat’s it about? It can be hard to nail that perfect moment when trying to take a photo, so rather than re-take because of closed eyes or photobombers, Time Warp Camera uses its “time warp” feature to snap the shot before you snap the shot. That way, you get the shot you took and an earlier moment before the shutter button was even pressed.

What’s cool? Time Warp Camera has that handy “avoid terrible photos” feature, but it also packs editing capabilities so you can apply filters, crop, remove red eye and add other effects. It also is capable of ordering prints straight from your phone, and makes it easy to share them with others as individual images or sets.

Who’s it for? iPhone photographers who like to capture moments with friends, and for those friends who are really bad at the whole “don’t blink” part of taking a photo. Also, parents benefit from Time Warp Camera's features, as most kids are notorious for being fidgity in front of a camera.

What’s it like? For other notably great camera apps, try Camera+ and Camera Awesome, both of which offer lots of features for creating and editing images.

Kindle update (Free)

KindleWhat’s it about? Amazon’s e-book reader app makes it easy to purchase e-books and download them wirelessly to any device (or even multiple devices). You can start a book on your iPhone and pick it up later on your iPad, and Kindle will remember where you were in the text.

What’s cool? In response to Apple’s announcement this week about improvements to its iBooks app in regards to textbooks, Amazon has released an upgrade to its iOS Kindle app that adds “X-Ray for Textbooks." This feature lets users quickly search for the most important terms, ideas and features of a textbook. It pulls up glossary terms and key phrases, making them easy to locate for reference.

Who’s it for? Kindle is great for readers of all kinds and people who use Amazon’s massive retail infrastructure, but this update to Kindle is primarily for students who use e-book versions of textbooks.

What’s it like? Apple’s own iBooks is pretty similar to what Kindle offers, but with Apple’s slant on the features and its educational resources. It also uses Apple’s CloudSync service.

Nun Attack ($0.99)

Nun AttackWhat’s it about? Players take control of a group of gun-toting, demon-fighting nuns in Nun Attack. The title is a hybrid strategy game and action game, as you choose who and when the nuns attack, and use their special abilities to try to get them through various fights.

What’s cool? The concept is a bit goofy, and Nun Attack packs a few elements that make it deeper than similar titles. You get four nuns on your team, but can only use two of them, and you’ll need to bring them into the fight in each level in order to improve their skills and attributes. You can also find new weapons for them, while focusing on strategy and the makeup of your team for consistent success.

Who’s it for? Nun Attack will appeal to gamers who like action, strategy and role-playing elements, but it’s not too heavy on any of them, so a casual attitude is a must. The fun art style and concept make it enjoyable and good for short bursts of play.

What’s it like? Check out Army of Darkness Defense for similar gameplay and another goofy demonic vibe, and for retro arcade action, "rise from your grave" and try Altered Beast.

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