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New iPhone apps worth downloading: Etsy update,, Save Them All

by Phil Hornshaw

Today’s new apps start with a useful update for Etsy fanatics. The service added new capabilities to the app that sellers will find useful. Next up is, an app for building quick mobile websites for businesses, followed by Save Them All, another entry into the running game genre that adds cool extra features.

Etsy update (Free)

EtsyWhat’s it about? Surfing the crafts website Etsy for cool things to buy is made a lot easier with the site’s official mobile app, through which you can make purchases if you’re a buyer and monitor your sales if you’re a seller. It’s a lot like eBay's app, except with original, user-created products.

What’s cool? Etsy’s new update brings in an iPhone 5-optimized design, making navigating the material a lot easier. It also includes new features for sellers, like adding new product listings to their pages remotely, and adds translations for additional languages.

Who’s it for? If you’re selling your stuff on Etsy, the mobile app has probably just become a lot more indispensable, but I also find the service great for finding affordable, unique gifts. That sort of thing appeals to everyone.

What’s it like? As mentioned above, eBay can be useful in some of the same ways as Etsy. As for bargains, which Etsy is often good for, try giving LivingSocial a go in your area. (Free)

M.dotWhat’s it about? makes it possible to create a mobile website for your business, using your iOS device. The app utilizes a number of templates and other mix-and-match pieces to streamline the process.

What’s cool? Lots of Internet surfing now gets done with mobile devices, so having a mobile-optimized website that includes useful information can be important. makes creating such a site really simple and quick, and lets you use elements from your existing website, if you have one.

Who’s it for? Business people who want to reach more users. also lets you build your site on your mobile device, which means you can do it anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes.

What’s it like? Apps such as Zapd allow you to create a website from your mobile device, as does TapPages Web Builder, and both offer the same sort of simplicity and template-based design as

Save Them All ($0.99)

Save Them AllWhat’s it about? The world is ending, and you’re running in this side-scroller, leaping from building to building and avoiding missiles, zombies and meteors. You also need to save as many people as you can to earn points (and also because it’s just the nice thing to do).

What’s cool? Save Them All breaks the mold of running games by incorporating a number of superpowers that you unlock over time. You can slow time with the “bullet time” feature to better avoid obstacles, jump longer gaps by gaining energy with the “air jump” ability, and punch zombies and nuclear missiles. Plus, there are multiple modes and a comic-based story that unfolds as you play.

Who’s it for? Casual gamers and, specifically, running game fans. Save Them All keeps the controls simple, but adds a few swipe-based additional features that mix up the gameplay for those who are used to the genre.

What’s it like? Save Them All feels more immediately similar to Canabalt, and also One Single Life, for all its roof-jumping. It’s got similarities to just about any running game you could name, however.

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