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New iPhone Apps worth downloading: Mojo Masks, Quick Route, Pocket Climber HD

by Phil Hornshaw

You’re probably planning to dress up for Halloween, but what if you could get Halloween costume photos without the dress-up part? Check out Mojo Masks, an app that lets you shoot photos and videos and adds masks to the faces within them. Quick Route will help you get back to Google Maps if Apple Maps has been irritating you lately, and Pocket Climber HD takes the endless running genre’s conventions and goes vertical with them.

Mojo Masks (Free)

What’s it about? With Halloween right around the corner, Mojo Masks allows you to use your iOS device to dress up without ever actually wearing anything. The app applies various cool masks to the faces of photo subjects, allowing you to take cool pictures that look festive, but don’t require actual costumes.

What’s cool? Mojo Masks is pretty smart about adding masks to faces in both photos and videos, and you can choose from a variety of cool masks to use. Once you’ve done that, you can adjust the fit until you’re happy, and then share the photos and videos you create with friends. It’s a bit of a novelty, but Mojo Masks makes for a cool use of your device’s photo technology.

Who’s it for? Those looking to get into the Halloween spirit. Kids will probably get the biggest kick out of Mojo Masks, but it can be impressive for older folk as well.

What’s it like? Hit the iTunes App Store looking for more cool Halloween-themed mask apps, and you’ll find similar apps, such as Zombie Booth: The Horror Machine, Halloween Masks and FaceMask.

Quick Route ($4.99)

What’s it about? Apple Maps might be a bit of a letdown (especially if it got you lost), but you can return to the glory of apps that use the Google Maps APIs with Quick Route.

What’s cool? Quick Route is like a compendium of mapping information. It’ll combine Apple Maps’ tiles in iOS 6 devices with Google’s places and addresses, for example, to give you the Apple feel with Google data. Better still, it figures in all kinds of different transportation methods, providing directions for walking and driving, as well as public transit and even biking.

Who’s it for? Displeased with Apple Maps ever since you upgraded to iOS 6 or snagged a new iPhone? You might want to check out Quick Route then. The app looks to restore the previous functionality of the iOS Maps app, and if you’re missing it, this one’s for you.

What’s it like? Try giving a look to other mapping apps, like FastTrack Navigator. Everplaces and My Places for Google Maps can also provide handy mapping functions and lets you save your favorite places for easy access.

Pocket Climber HD ($0.99)

What’s it about? Think of a side-scrolling endless running game, then turn it vertical. Pocket Climber HD has players scaling the side of a building, dodging obstacles vertically and from side to side in order to collect coins and get as high as possible.

What’s cool? Pocket Climber is a quick little time-waster, offering a lot of the same fun of the endless running genre, but altering it a bit to make it feel fresh. The game is fast-paced and has easy controls that are simple to learn – you just swipe sideways to jump to different “tracks” as you’re climbing, and up to leap over obstacles that stand in your way. The more coins you earn during each run, the longer you can survive, because if you fail, you can use the in-game currency to buy a second chance.

Who’s it for? Casual gaming fans will enjoy Pocket Climber, especially if you’re into running games from which it draws some inspiration. It’s just simple enough to be fun and engaging without requiring a ton of time or investment.

What’s it like? Titles such as Doodle Jump and Sonic Jump take your scrolling vertical, and if you want a solid and interesting running title, Polara is one worth grabbing.

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