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New Apps Worth Downloading: TOK Baseball, Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball, Space Tanks

by Phil Hornshaw

Baseball season is winding down, while basketball season is about to start, and we’ve got apps for both. Check out TOK Baseball for a social viewing experience as the World Series draws near, and try Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball for on-the-go fantasy team management. Finally, we’ve got Space Tanks, a multiplayer game in which you take on other players.

TOK Baseball – iPad only (Free)

What’s it about? With the World Series getting ready to ramp up, baseball fans are about to find themselves glued to televisions all over the country. Social viewing app TOK Baseball lets fans communicate with one another while they watch, even if they’re not hanging out together.

What’s cool? You and up to three other people can join up in a virtual space to watch baseball together, which is kind of a cool thing on its own. TOK Baseball handles the social part, and it also gets the baseball right by making information such as stats and lineups available in real time as you’re watching.

Who’s it for? Baseball fans, especially those who can’t hang out together as they watch post-season games and their favorite teams. This is a great way to connect with friends over America’s national pastime.

What’s it like? The capabilities offered by TOK Baseball are not unlike those you get from Skype, which is sort of a baseball-free engine for hanging out and talking together in a virtual space. As for baseball information, you’ll want to check out At Bat, a huge repository for information on the game.

Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball (Free)

Yahoo! Fantasy BasketballWhat’s it about? Take your fantasy basketball mobile just in time for the season to start. Yahoo!’s app allows you to access your fantasy account and gives you real-time information about your team and players. You can also make changes to your team.

What’s cool? Having full control of your fantasy team no matter where you are is pretty useful for the fantasy basketball fan. You can check on breaking player news, make roster changes, see matchups, set up trades and send messages to other people in your league. It’s a one-stop resource for all your fantasy basketball needs, no matter where you are.

Who’s it for? Most basketball fans aren’t going to get much out of Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball – it’s for those who are actively engaged in leagues, and those leagues have to be set up through Yahoo!’s fantasy service on But if you’re a Yahoo! user and basketball is your thing, you’re going to want this app.

What’s it like? There are other alternative fantasy basketball apps, such as ESPN Fantasy Basketball 2012. Check out ScoreMobile and CBS Sports for any basketball info you might need.

[Nexon]Space Tanks (Free)

Space TanksWhat’s it about? Online multiplayer title Space Tanks is just what it sounds like: it’s space, and you drive tanks. You play from a top-down viewpoint, blasting away at enemy tanks as they move around each level. There’s also a set of single-player missions as well.

What’s cool? Space Tanks is easy to pick up and moves at a quick clip. In each level, you’ll face down other players and have to think fast to avoid them as you zip around each level. There is also a mess of special objects in each level – some that repair your tank, others that dish out power-ups, so the most effective strategy has you making use of these stations as you blast away at bad guys.

Who’s it for? Multiplayer gaming fans should find some fast action in Space Tanks, but you don’t have to play the game online in order to enjoy it. Better still, it’s free, so it’s worth a look for anyone who enjoys top-down titles such as this one.

What’s it like? There are a fair number of tank-based titles in the iTunes App Store. Check out Touch Tanks 2: Europe for a similar experience, while games such as Tank Warz provide gameplay from a side-scrolling perspective.

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