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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown leads iOS Apps of the Week

by Dan Kricke

This week’s top iOS apps offer both spooks and stars. Our favorite re-imagines the Peanuts “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” in app form. Meanwhile, our other top apps include a look at NASA spacecrafts, a huge world atlas, an update to an organization app, and an app for college football fans. Ready... break!

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ($4.99)

Get in the Halloween spirit with It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, an app inspired by the terrific Peanuts’ Halloween TV special. In the app, users can create their own Peanuts characters and dress them up in Halloween costumes, play Schroeder’s piano, bob for apples and even carve a digital pumpkin. There are over one billion avatar and costume combinations in the app, so there’s an awful lot of spooky spirit for Peanuts fans to sink their teeth into.

Spacecraft 3D (Free)

If the Curiosity Rover that has been tweeting from Mars ( has you, well, curious about spacecrafts, check out Spacecraft 3D. The app offers an augmented reality view of NASA spacecrafts, Users can interact with the app’s 10 crafts to see how they move and act in addition to learning about the engineering that goes into their creation. The app also promises to update with additional crafts over time.

Atlas By Collins ($6.99)

Looking to brush up on your knowledge of world geography? Atlas by Collins would make for a fine start. The robust map app features satellite mapping images, physical maps, political maps with states and territories marked out, environmental maps, population statistics and even mobile technology and Internet usage maps. Atlas By Collins also features street level viewing for anywhere on the map, in-depth country profiles, and 200,000 data points for cities, towns and major natural landmarks.

Weave (Free)

The organization app Weave has received a decent-sized update with some solid new features. Users can now track income and expenses for any time period. Notes can now be added to projects, and projects themselves can be put on hold so users aren’t constantly staring at something they’re not prepared to work on currently.

CrazyFan (Free)

College football fans will go to all sorts of lengths to prove their fandom. The new CrazyFan app presents one more – creating an avatar of a wild fan of your favorite college. CrazyFan lets users dress up their digital fan with clothes supporting their favorite team and then, using the app’s photobooth feature, the user can take a photo alongside their fake fan. Users can customize the look of their fan, too, including changing his skin color, eye color and hair color. The fan in CrazyFan will also perform over 50 animations and cheers. The only downside is that currently the app supports only 40 NCAA teams, though more are on the way.

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