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New Apps Worth Downloading: Presidential Election Race 2012, myShopanion, Stupid Zombies 2

by Phil Hornshaw

The 2012 presidential election is drawing near, which is why you might want to check out today’s first app, Presidential Election Race 2012. The app is all about making sense of the various political polls and trends you see swirling around. Also nearing is the holiday season, and if you’re ready to get a jump on gift-grabbing and money-saving, myShopanion is for you. Finally, Stupid Zombies 2 might get you into the Halloween spirit with its many zombie-laden puzzles.

Presidential Election Race 2012 ($0.99)

Presidential Election Race 2012What’s it about? With the U.S. Presidential election nearing its end, Presidential Election Race 2012 makes it easy to stay up on the latest polls and results as we near Election Day. The app contains up-to-date election news, polls from various states, and maps that show which way swing-states seem to be swinging.

What’s cool? Presidential Election Race 2012 is like having all the information that prediction-making pundits have, but in one place. If you’re interested in knowing the day-by-day changes in the election and how things are shaping up, this is the app that’ll help you find out. There’s a lot of information here through which it can be fun to sift, and Presidential Election Race 2012 is substantially detailed.

Who’s it for? If you’re into politics but not looking for information on the issues, this app is for you. It’s not going to help you prepare for the election -- it’s more about seeing how things are trending as you follow along yourself.

What’s it like? Find more political info, including about both the presidential candidates and local candidates, with Election-2012. You can also get solid political news from NYTimes Election 2012, and stay up on the news, political and otherwise, with The Wall Street Journal - Mobile, USA TODAY and CNN App.

myShopanion (Free)

My ShopanionWhat’s it about? Part barcode scanner, part price comparison engine, and part online store, myShopanion is built to help you save money and make buying things more convenient. The app also lets you poll friends through Facebook and Twitter to get feedback on your purchases before you make them.

What’s cool? Scanning products or searching for them through myShopanion, whether you’re in a store or at home, brings up thousands of retailers who offer those products and lets you compare their prices. myShopanion’s recent update also introduces a new feature that makes buying things online extremely easy with its two-click checkout InstaBuy feature. Saving money is made pretty easy.

Who’s it for? Shopaholics and the frugal will find a lot of use with myShopanion, especially if you’re willing to put the time in to shopping around and getting the absolute best deal. The app is also great for those who do a lot of online shopping, especially with the new InstaBuy feature.

What’s it like? myShopanion makes use of RedLaser technology for its barcode scanning, and that app is pretty great for tracking down products and seeing prices at other outlets. Also offering barcode scanning is Amazon Mobile, which allows you to bring up products from the massive online retailer, and ShopSavvy will help you search various retailers as well.

Stupid Zombies 2 ($0.99)

Stupid Zombies 2What’s it about? Like the previous entry into the series, Stupid Zombies 2 is about shooting zombies. But unlike shooters in the iTunes App Store, the Stupid Zombies franchise is more of a geometry puzzler. The idea is to take out the zombies with as few bullets as possible from a stationary position, through the clever use of ricochet. You want your bullets to bounce off the walls of each puzzle, taking out zombies along the way.

What’s cool? The first Stupid Zombies was a fun take on similar puzzlers. The gameplay is all about angles and reflection, so it’s a bit like playing a more violent, cartoony version of pool. Stupid Zombies 2 amplifies everything, offering a ton more puzzles (300, actually), better graphics, and new weapons that will challenge you in different ways.

Who’s it for? Zombie and puzzle fans are first on the list of people who will enjoy Stupid Zombies 2. It’s not especially gory or gross, either, and while you’re shooting zombies, the game isn’t too violent, either. Overall, the puzzles are clever, so puzzle fans will have a good time

What’s it like? Fragger and Fragger Desert Strike are a similar puzzle title to Stupid Zombies 2, with players launching weapons to take out stationary targets from a fixed position. Obviously, you’ll want to check out Stupid Zombies if you get a kick out of what the sequel as to offer.