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New iPhone apps worth downloading: vapp™, CGHUB, Jelly Belly Recipe Shaker

by Marty Gabel

Here are three great iPhone apps to enjoy. vapp™ is a simple but effective little app which can trigger the shutter on your iOS device’s camera using your voice or a sound of any kind. Perfect for those with shaky hands or in windy conditions. CGHUB is a place for fans and creators of computer-generated design to gather and view one another’s artwork. And we’ve got Jelly Belly Recipe Shaker, a fun app which lets you combine jelly bean flavors to create interesting new cocktails.

vapp™ (Free)

What’s it about? vapp introduces a novel way to trigger the shutter of the camera on your iOS device: with sound.

What’s cool? If you suffer from shaky-hand syndrome when snapping shots, vapp can help. It monitors the trigger level automatically (or you can set it manually) and you can get yourself in the picture using the timer then triggering the camera from afar.

Who is it for? As we mentioned, if you find your pictures suffer too much from camera shake, vapp is an ideal solution. In general, it’s just a fun way to take a snap. While it’s hardly a game changer, the developers are promising future updates to make it even better.

What’s it like? Voice Activated Camera looks to perform a similar function to vapp, as does ClapSnap, which is another great way to take group photos triggered by sound.

CGHUB (Free)

What’s it about? CGHUB allows you to meet people who focus on 2D and 3D computer generated art in the fields of animation, film, games and illustration.

What’s cool? Whether you’re a professional or merely an aspiring artist, CGHUB allows you to share your work online. You can interact by giving “likes” to friends’ art, view the most popular or latest images, download images directly to your iOS device, and there are powerful filters so you only see what you want.

Who is it for? While this is a great place for professionals to view and share their work, it’s also a great app for anyone with just a passing interest in computer-generated images or who simply appreciate amazing art. CGHUB is good for inspiration, ideas and sharing.

What’s it like? NewWebPick showcases a great selection of stunning visual art created by professionals all over the world. Meanwhile, LuxGallery features an excellent selection of user-generated 3D art you can download and enjoy on your device.

Jelly Belly Recipe Shaker (Free)

What’s it about? Here’s something a little more fun and throwaway: Jelly Belly candy recipes just by shaking your phone!

What’s cool? With the dozens of Jelly Belly flavors available, all kinds of taste possibilities emerge. Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to create a surprising jelly bean recipe. You can lock your preferred flavors, create a list of your favorites, or even send the Jelly Belly corporation a new recipe idea. Being able to exclude the bleugh flavors from your recipes is a nice touch.

Who is it for? This is a fun little app which is more for entertainment than anything. Still, fans of the world-famous jelly bean candy and kids will most likely get a kick out of this one. There are some additional interesting facts about Jelly Belly in the “Fun stuff” tab.

What’s it like? This looks like Jelly Belly’s first App Store appearance. You could always check out Delicious Candy Recipes if you want to take things to the next level and start making your own!

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