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Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 17: Shoparoo, Horn™, Tread of the Dead

by Phil Hornshaw

Go into the weekend earning rewards for yourself and funds for local schools with the help of shopping app Shoparoo. We’ve also got a pair of games for you to try on your days off. First up is Horn, a console-quality action-adventure title that plays a little like Infinity Blade. After that you can take down zombies in Tread of the Dead, a tilt-based game that has players using various weapons.

Shoparoo (iPhone, iPad) Free

Shoparoo lets you turn shopping for grocery receipts into fundraising opportunities. The service works with different stores and schools to reward customer loyalty to grocery stores by kicking donations out to their schools. When you shop at different stores, you can instantly redeem your receipts as part of different fundraisers by shooting a photo of them with your phone.

Shoparoo will instantly digitize your receipts and, in addition to raising funds for schools, you can also earn rewards for yourself for your loyalty to different stores. Shoparoo fundraisers also get additional boosts if you choose sponsored brands.

Horn™ (iPhone, iPad) $6.99

Console-quality graphics adorn action-adventure title Horn, which brings a fun fantasy feel to iOS devices and successfully mixes classics like The Legend of Zelda with Infinity Blade. Players play as Horn, a boy who awakens in a ruined tower and wanders through a strange world. You’ll wield a sword and fight giant monsters with similar gameplay to Infinity Blade, but there’s more in the world of Horn to explore and discover, including items and weapons.

There’s quite a bit of story to uncover, plus “Challenge” modes players can access that focus on combat, and side content that you can unlock along the way.

Tread of the Dead (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Zombies, man. They’re coming and you’ve gotta kill them. At least you can do it with some finesse in Tread of the Dead, an iOS Universal game in which you heave various weapons at zombies in order to take them out as they march toward you. Those weapons include chainsaws and ninja stars, for starters, and you control their paths after they’re thrown by tilting your iOS device, allowing you to rack up massive combos and score tons of points.

Tread of the Dead includes a number of unlockable game modes, plus more than 100 challenging levels. The game tracks all your stats as you advance, and also has Game Center support so you can track your scores on worldwide leaderboards, as well as rack up achievements. You can also customize your tilt sensitivity to calibrate the game to your fit your level of comfort. A lite version is available at no cost.

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