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Fresh iPhone Apps for Mar. 16: The Daily’s Angry Birds Space Guide, Givit, Flight Control Rocket, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

by Phil Hornshaw

Next week we’ll see the Angry Birds in a whole new context: space. Gear up for it with a special publication that brings all kinds of details about it, The Daily’s Angry Birds Space Guide. It leads today’s Fresh iPhone Apps and would be perfect for your new iPad, as would Givit, an app that makes it easy to record and share videos securely. Our games are geared toward the iPad as well, with a new version of Flight Control, Flight Control Rocket, kicking things off with all new rules and a space setting, followed by Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, a flight simulator that was demoed on the new iPad at Apple’s announcement event.

The Daily’s Angry Birds Space Guide (iPhone, iPad) Free

It’s less than a week until the release of the next iteration of Rovio Mobile’s incredibly popular game series with Angry Birds Space. Until it hits, however, you can get geared up for the game with The Daily’s Angry Birds Space Guide, a full rundown of just about everything there is to know about the upcoming title and how it’s going to change the Angry Birds series for players.

The Angry Birds Space Guide includes interviews with the game’s developers straight from their offices in Helsinki, and as well as behind-the-scenes interviews and information. There also are NASA photos, as well as a lot of information about space and, of course, the game as well.

Givit – Private Video Sharing (iPhone, iPad) Free

There are plenty of ways to share videos online, but Givit sets itself apart by being a way to share videos in private through the app’s secure service. You can upload your videos to Givit and then send them to your friends, family and others, and they’ll be able to access them on just about any device they have, even if they don’t have the Givit app.

Givit makes it easy to record and send videos, and is useful for videos that are too big for other services such as email. You’re able to set exactly who is able to see your video, and who isn’t, as well as save your videos all in one place and back them up through Givit. People you let see your videos can also respond with comments.

Flight Control Rocket (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Firemint’s sequel to the extremely popular Flight Control does what Angry Birds is about to: it heads to space. With a great 1950s look and feel, Flight Control Rocket takes the classic gameplay of Flight Control (directing ships to their appropriate runways by drawing their flight paths with your finger) and reworks it by throwing tons of different kinds of ships your way and letting you tangle with all of them.

You’ll have to deal with 15 different kinds of ships in Flight Control Rocket, each with different attributes. Some will spawn other ships, others will pick up speed or slow down, and some come on huge carriers that have to be emptied quickly before they depart. You’ll also collect coins that can be spent to keep you in the game after too many crashes, and you can follow your progress on Flight Control Rocket’s Game Center leaderboards.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy (iPhone, iPad) $4.99

Namco demonstrated Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy during the announcement of Apple’s new iPad, and now the game is available in the App Store just in time for the new device’s launch. It features some stellar graphics to help immerse you in the fighter jet world into which you’re embarking filled with dog fights and high-speed missions.

Sky Gamblers uses a mix of touch and tilt controls to allow you to guide your plane through the air from your seat in the cockpit. You’ll have to use machine guns and missiles to take down opponents, as well as barrel rolls, loops and flares to avoid getting taken down yourself. The game has a full single-player campaign, as well as several online modes for both competitive and cooperative play.