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  • Posted by Lillian2611 January 06, 2010
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, News Junkies, Foodies, Book Readers, Gamers, Workout Junkies, Parents, Students, Animal Lovers, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Music Fans, Shopaholics, Career People, Social Butterflies, Budget Hawks, Sports Fans, Film/TV Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Of course I found out the hard way that trying Aardvark right before going to bed is not a good idea.
I got so involved in answering questions that I ended up too wound up to sleep!
I spent about a half hour helping someone with a DSL issue, I made a suggestion for a good romantic date, I gave my opinion on a writing style question and I tried to help a BlackBerry user remove some unwanted apps. No wonder I'm a tech support trainer!
Aardvark is made for people who love having the solution. I haven't had a question of my own, yet, but I look forward to that experience, too.
The app is really easy to set up; besides creating an account you can indicate the topics you'd prefer to address and all of it takes less than five minutes. Once you're in you can quickly scroll through the available questions and if none of them touch on your particular expertise you can remove them or just scroll past. You can even mark a question so that you're notified when an answer comes in, just in case you'd like to know for next time.
There seem to be plenty of users now, too. Every time I hit refresh I was offered at least three new questions. There were several I couldn't help with - heck, there were several I didn't even understand - but if you're an expert with CSS Style Sheets or WordPress or computer programming, for example, you're bound to be busy.
If you decide to try Aardvark, make sure you have time to spare. And be prepared for anything and everything, because if you know what it takes to join a Farmers' Market, you've read a Nikola Tesla biography or you have gaming experience, there are folks out there who need you.

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