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Social Networking

by Google, Inc.
Download this app if: you want to be part of Google's social sharing network.


Advisor Review

Google+ may have second coming with new app — It’s too bad I never cottoned on to Google+, because it now has a gorgeous new app for iPhone and iPod Touch. If this app had existed at the initial rollout for Google+, I certainly would’ve been more likely to take the time to learn what Plus is all about. So, forget what you knew about the...

Developer Notes

Stay connected and share life as it happens with Google+ for iPhone and iPad.

- Follow what friends, family, and interesting people around the world are sharing
- Join communities to explore interests and find people with similar passions
- Automatically back up photos and videos at...


C+ Platform — The app is well-done, but not enough people in my social circle use the service for me to justify spending time with it. Good try.