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Advisor Review

Will the new Vimeo iPhone app give iMovie a run for its money? — Vimeo's new app for the iPhone looks like it just might give competitors YouTube and iMovie a run for their money. The online video service offers access to Vimeo's video library, but what really sets it apart from YouTube is the fact that this app allows you to record video and easily edit...

Developer Notes

Vimeo is the home for your videos. It makes them look great, easy to share, and simple to save.

Upload videos to Vimeo right from your Camera Roll and share them with friends. Then feast your eyeballs on gorgeous HD playback with no ads before, after, or on top of your videos. In your feed...


Totally trumps YouTube in terms of Video Apps — The clearest distinction (and advantage, in my opinion) between the Vimeo app and the YouTube app is that Vimeo allows you to shoot/record video, whereas YouTube only shows video - yours and otherwise. From the Vimeo app, you can record AND upload videos to your account.