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Fundamentally flawed

  • Posted by Lillian2611 December 28, 2010
  • Recommended for Shopaholics or Budget Hawks

That I've actually downloaded an app or two as a consequence of using Fluke earns it its second bar; otherwise, there are significantly better app-finders out there that you should try instead.

Fluke isn't bad, per se. It's just not good. It's slow, really unattractive (in part due to the in-app ads but also because the layout is just plain cheap-looking), its History option leads nowhere and the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down options don't seem to do anything (they're probably tied to History, which won't open for me).

Oh, wait! History just opened a new screen ... and I see an entry for every app it's ever shown me. Not a bad feature, really; too bad it takes forever to load (it's not like the list was long: only 23 apps since I picked up Fluke almost one year ago today).

Of those 23 apps, it turns out I've downloaded one. And that's why Fluke is fundamentally flawed: if you're going to look at random apps, getting them one at a time will be a painful process. There are so many crappy apps out there to sift through that an app-finder presenting just one every few seconds is a huge waste of my time.

Fluke's only saving grace is its option to narrow the app categories. Of course, if you want apps from just one category you'll have to deselect 37 others, but if you've got time for Fluke, you've got time for that.

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