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The best Bible app for the iPhone!

  • Posted by epramono May 01, 2011
  • Recommended for Book Readers, Parents, Students, Career People or Budget Hawks

There are plenty of Bible app for the iPhone available on the App Store, but this Bible app from is my favorite. I've been using it for quite some time, and this latest update makes it even better. Just before the Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the 3.0 version update of the app is released. The new update includes audio bibles so you can listen to the Bible while you're driving, working out, or even reading the Bible itself.

The audio bibles are available for many translations/versions, e.g. ASV, Douay Rheims, ESV, KJV, New ASV, NIV, NLT, and many other non-English versions too. My personal favorite is the New Living Translation audio bible which is made available by NLT Holy Sanctuary Audio Bible. The audio bible includes a good narrative voice-over, male and female voices in dialog, and sound effects. Just try playing the audio bible for Mark 5 to learn what I'm referring to here.

I've been using the app for quite some time, and I think the new update is just great. Having audio bibles for most popular translations/versions are great.
I have also posted my quick review with screenshots here:
Just thought I share them too.
Now, I'm looking forward for the updates to become available for the iPad too.

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Bible at your fingertips

  • Posted by doniree August 12, 2010
  • Recommended for Book Readers

Can't remember that Bible verse? You can look it up from anywhere with this app. I like this as a resource for sure and for what it's supposed to do - be the Bible on a phone, it does it well.

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Best Bible

  • Posted by tsudo February 05, 2010
  • Recommended for Book Readers

This is absolutely the best Bible app I've found. Multiple translations, notes, reading plans, and even low light settings.

It's how I do my daily devotionals and I couldn't live without it.

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Best BIBLE on the iPhone

  • Posted by white_canvas September 01, 2009
  • Recommended for Book Readers, Students or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

This is one of my favourite apps and also excellent. A full Bible on your iPhone, with searchable verses and options such as emailing verse to a friend.

If your interested in reading the Bible or you want to carry one around this is perfect in your pocket.

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