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Google app — Search made just for mobile

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Gigantic hands!

OK, so what the heck is with that title? Well, let me just say that I almost never use this app. Basically I go to Safari and use the built in web search. It's just who I am but for my father who suffers from arthritis this is his search app of choice.

I hadn't thought about it before but for anyone with limited mobility being able to search by voice makes a whole lot of sense. The keyboard can be a bit tiny for me and I have little hands so bigger hands that don't work as well really can't use it with any sort of reliability. Certainly not without experiencing a ton of frustration. Google makes mobile devices so much more accessible to a larger range of people by optimizing voice search.

The only time I've ever used this app personally is when I've been looking something using a photo search. Sadly Google couldn't find what I was looking for (likely because it's un-findable... I've spent days, made calls, and really can't find this particular thing anywhere). For that reason alone I'll likely keep the app.

If you have parents who are getting older, find the keyboard on your phone to be simply annoying or like to search by pictures this app is a must. Way to go Google.

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