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Lucky me!

  • Posted by Lillian2611 January 31, 2010
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I'm a former newspaper reporter and I'm still a news junkie. So when I got my iPhone 3G on July 11, 2008 (I'll never forget that glorious day!), AP Mobile was one of the first apps I downloaded. At the time, I found it amazing I could get such immediate access to the Associated Press, one of the world's most reputable news agencies.
It turns out my amazement was appropriate: AP Mobile is no longer available at the Canadian iTunes store. Its replacement, CP Mobile, is also worthy of respect - even if they did let me do some work for them at one point - but their app is $2.99. Why buy the cow, you know?
Anyway, I'm glad I got AP Mobile when I did. It's full of content, even video (which plays very well in the YouTube app). It can even link you to local content, although that doesn't exactly work for me, since my locale is somewhat outside the U.S. of A. (I just picked a NYC Zip and went with it.)
I can rate stories, email or text them to friends (even the video ones!), I can even save them within the application. And if I ever have a problem loading content, each story has a built-in tool for reporting issues. I don't know a single other developer who makes it so easy!
I admit the app is a lot more valuable to me now that I know I'm not supposed to have it (news as forbidden fruit - whatta concept!), but the content is of very high quality, too. The articles are far from puff pieces (except for the puff pieces, and they've been filed under "Wacky", so consider yourself warned); they include the kind of detailed analysis that newspapers around the world count on from AP.
Download this app, I say. If not for yourself, do it for all the unfortunate Canadian children who won't ever get a chance.
(That was a joke; even journalists can be silly, you know.)

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