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Taxi! is your tool for quickly finding great taxi service in the USA.

+ Find the most popular and most reliable taxi services services for your area. (determined automatically for your location)

+ Call a taxi with one simple tap on the screen.

+ Taxi! PRE-SCREENS all Taxi and Cab listings. Unlike other apps, we've actually spoken with each of the 800+ t...

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you want to know which cabs accept credit cards.

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iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Category: Navigation, Travel
Updated: August 13, 2008
Publisher: Fullscreen, LLC
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    Taxi! by doniree
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    The best part about this app is the “cards ok” icon that lets you know your cab company of choice will accept your credit card. There's no booking online through the app, but you can make the phone call from it. Also, there's a rating system for you to let others know how your experience was, which is really helpful.