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Fly Delta


by Delta Air Lines, Inc
Download this app if: you want the airline on your phone.


Advisor Review

Delta's iPhone app is on the wrong flight path — There's a new wave of branded apps and company apps. There are some that get it, and some that don't. Fly Delta (free) is one of the latter. When I picked up this app, I asked myself what would I use this for? What value does it give me? Does it offer me something that their website doesn't? The...

Developer Notes

The award-winning Fly Delta app for iPhone now includes Facebook integration, domestic and international booking and the ability to add your eBoarding Pass to Passbook.

• Find, compare and book Domestic and International flights
• Share with friends on Facebook when you book a trip, check in and...


What you'd expect — When it comes to an app from an airline I really don't expect much. Show me my itinerary, send me notifications if things change and...? Really that's about it and that's primarily what this app does. As others have mentioned there's a portion of the app that will help you find your car...