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Advisor Review

SkyGrid’s draw of pretty pictures isn’t enough to sustain users — Considering the praise heaped upon SkyGrid in its App Store description, I was expecting a lot from the universal app for iDevices. Perhaps those raves were warranted before SkyGrid’s latest update, but all I can say about SkyGrid is that I hated this app. I was initially drawn to SkyGrid on my...

Developer Notes

UPDATE: SkyGrid is working great again! Thanks for your feedback and all the 5-star ratings.

Named a "Best News App" by Apple, SkyGrid keeps you up-to-date on the news you care about. Follow news topics and publications you choose to create a personalized newspaper.

You can follow your...


All the best — If you're not a huge news junky it doesn't mean you don't want to stay up on what is going on. It just means you're likely going to want it all in one place. If you're looking for interesting news (like "Apple App store hacked" wha?) than this is the place. Basically each news article is...