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Pleco Chinese Dictionary

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The "IT" app for serious students of Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Posted by sharakarasic June 02, 2010
  • Recommended for Road Warriors or Students

Free but you can pay for various upgrades. @kerim, an anthropologist on Twitter told me about this. Pleco is a Chinese dictionary that supports a wide array of free and paid add-on dictionary databases, full-screen handwriting, and Chinese word document search. There is also a radical index (radicals are kind of like the roots of Chinese characters) so you can look up character by radicals. Other advanced features include handwriting input, mixed character+pinyin searches, wildcard / full-text searches, stroke order diagrams, audio pronunciation, and flashcards. If you are a serious student of Mandarin and have used this app extensively, would love your review. I definitely need to play with this a lot more but it looks amazing.

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