Photo & Video

by Vyclone Inc
Download this app if: you want to synchronize video footage from the same event.


Advisor Review

Vyclone iPhone app shoots from all angles — If you’ve ever searched for live videos of your favorite bands on YouTube, you know how difficult it is to find footage worth watching and listening to. Sometimes the sound is bad, other times the camera is in a terrible position. Even with high-quality videos, a person standing still shooting an...

Developer Notes


Vyclone is a video app like nothing you've ever seen. Vyclone automatically and intuitively syncs video taken on your phone with footage taken by others around the same happening. You just shoot something and upload; Vyclone does the rest. Within moments, Vyclone begins creating...


Mix it — Vyclone smartly mixes together video footage shot in the same place to make a single movie (from multiple angles) say from a concert or live event.