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These iPhone apps are "Money" for boxing fans

by Richard Sharp

Let’s be honest, every boxing fan around the world would like to see Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight. But between Mayweather’s outsized ego, Pacquiao’s political aspirations, warring promoters, trainers and bad blood (testing) between them, it’s a good time for boxing fans to have a few welcome distractions.

Enter these iPhone/iPad apps, designed specifically for the pugilism aficionado, or just for those of us who need to occasionally let out a little aggression in a kid-tested, mother-approved fashion.

Follow Your Favorite Fighters

It should come as no surprise that master of hype, Mayweather, has his own app; though, funny enough, it’s completely free. Calling it the “best app in the app store,” Floyd’s app features “Floyd TV,” with exclusive videos, Money’s favorite songs and links to his favorite apps, his Twitter feed and comprehensive info on Mayweather’s career.

Mayweather claims to be the greatest fighter that ever lived, which clearly implies that he needs a history lesson.

Enter Famous Boxers ($1.99), an app which offers comprehensive biographies of hundreds of true boxing legends at your fingertips, with a glossary of boxing terms and in-depth analysis of the careers of true champions like Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Sonny Liston and Sugar Ray Leonard, as well as more contemporary greats like Wladimir Klitschko.

The app is full of great stories about knockout artists and culturally transformational fighters like Ali, George Foreman and Rocky Marciano who (cough, cough) never dodged a fight.

Bring the Thunder and Lightning

While not all of us can go 12 rounds with a brutal warrior like Miguel Cotto, TKO him, then perform a rousing rendition of “La Bamba” on stage the same night like Manny Pacquiao, there are plenty of apps to give us mere mortals a little flavor of the sweet science.

Super KO Boxing 2 ($2.99) is kind of like Mike Tyson’s Punchout, with King Hippo-esque characters, with signature moves, touch pads and touch regions to allow for body shots, upper cuts and combinations. As with Punchout, the characters are goofy as hell, with modern upgrades like the blinged-out 15 Cent, and the Japanese fighter Sake Bomb. Add a few other modern touches like Shane Mosely-style “’roid powerups,” and it’s an entertaining addition to your gaming app collection.

Surprised to learn Evander Holyfield recently won a WBF heavyweight belt from Francois Botha at the age of 47? Does it make you yearn for the epic battles Evander used to have with maniacal Tyson and The Pugilist Prince Lennox Lewis?

Relive the mano y mano glory with iPunchOut Boxing (99 cents), a two-player game that allows you to box against a friend using the Bluetooth connections on 2G iPod Touch or iPhone devices, with no Wi-Fi or Interenet connection required. As of yet, there’s no moved dedicated to biting your friend’s ear off, but that’s not a very nice thing to do anyway.

Facefighter ($1.99) and two-player version FaceFighter HD Face2Face ($3.99) take things one step further. Take a picture of your friend on your iPhone, drop the pic into the app, and proceed to virtually beat on them. Take no mercy as your “friends” become a bloody, broken-nosed, fat-lipped version of their old selves.

The Real Rope-a-Dope

In an effort to cool down a nasty drug habit, Miles Davis turned to boxing late in life, training with Sugar Ray Robinson for fitness and reportedly becoming a downright respectable fighter.

While no iPhone app can match up to that kind of training, MyBoxing Trainer ($1.99) is designed to give you a legit boxing workout no matter your age. The app offers a ring timer you can tie into your music collection (“Kind of Blue” for Round 2?), a workout builder to build your own custom exercise routines, training tips and over 170 videos with instructions on how to fight like a pro.

It may not help you create “Sketches of Spain,” but you just might get into fighting shape.