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Ray Lewis Workouts iPhone app puts an interesting spin on athlete-driven apps

by Dan Kricke

The Ray Lewis Workouts iPhone app ($4.99) could’ve gone in a very different direction. In many athlete-branded endeavors, someone famous attaches his or her name to a product or service and then functions more like a sponsor than an advocate. Numerous soft drink campaigns would lead you to believe, for instance, that soda pop is basically all an athlete drinks.

The Ray Lewis Workouts app, on the other hand, actually seems like something Ray Lewis believes in. Not only is his name all over it, but this app is soaking in his personal brand. Sure, the meat and potatoes of the app is the workout plan -- 26 different workouts specializing in upper body, lower body, or core strengthening, but there’s so much more going on here.

That’s not to sell the workout short. The workout plans are easy to understand, and if you don’t quite understand something, there’s an accompanying video where Ray Lewis actually performs the exercise. As you exercise, you’ll be able to track everything you’re doing, from the amount of weight lifted, number of sets, and even rest times between exercises. It’s quite a comprehensive package.

But when you’re done with the workouts, you can also read up on bizarre Ray Lewis trivia (Ray Lewis loves Rottweilers -- he owns two of them!), listen to Ray Lewis audio clips and read Ray Lewis’ Twitter feed. You could hardly want to know any more about Ray Lewis than this app could tell you.

If there’s a downside to Ray Lewis Workouts, it’s that you’re unable to personalize your own workout from the exercises provided. Even assuming that Lewis really believes in his specific workout plan, it seems strange that couldn’t apply mix and match a workout plan to your specific needs.

Still, it’s refreshing to see an app from an athlete that feels like something more than an advertisement for the player. I think the Ocho Cinco app is a blast, but it’s the app equivalent of an infomercial telling you how great Ocho Cinco is, whereas workout enthusiasts and Ray Lewis fans alike could find something to take home from Ray Lewis Workouts.