Developer's Notes for: Sports Cards Lite

Developer's Notes


Sports Cards App is a fast and easy way to create your own Sports Cards using your photos.

Sports Cards FREE Features:
- 30 Sports Designs covering football, baseball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, and more!
- you can save (to your camera roll) or email to friends or family (iPhone and iPod users)

This app is free... no annoying ads! A great way to check out our Sports Cards apps!

Upgrade to Sports Cards FULL Features to enjoy:
- 60 Sports Designs covering several sports - football, baseball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading and fan team support and more - tennis, volleyball, hockey, bowling, racing, and even darts!
- personalized back view with your name, nickname, team name, position or award, favorite number or age.
- free future updates!

Whether you're a young Rookie or an ol' Slugger or just a Benchwarmer, you'll enjoy creating your Sports Cards and sharing them with family and friends:
- Create Sports Cards while watching your kids' games.
- Dig out your old school photos and create your own nostalgic Sports Cards.
- Create fun, unique birth announcements.
- Use Sports Cards to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagement and wedding announcements, sports achievements, parties, events, and more!
- Save your Sports Cards to your Camera Roll, then to your computer (as a .jpg file), and you can post to your websites, or your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or Flickr.

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