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Manage life’s guaranteed pains with these iPhone apps

by Kate Currin

Pain is a symptom of life. If you never experience pain, then you are not living appropriately. As we age, stuff happens to our bodies. We can do everything to be healthy and wealthy but the pain will probably still come in the form of an occasional back pain, migraine or worse. Here are some iPhone apps to deal with life’s guaranteed pains.

WebMD Pain Coach

Fighting chronic headaches or back pains daily and trying to find the best remedy for you? The free WebMD Pain Coach app could be just what the doctor ordered. It’s your own personal pain diary including helpful tips to manage your health and wellness issues. Use the app as a daily reminder to track your symptoms and check off any exercises or ongoing goals you need to monitor. The library is filled with videos, articles, and more to help you on your path to wellness.

Foster - Pill Reminder

For some, managing chronic pain is as simple as remembering to take a pill on time and in the proper dosage. The free Foster – Pill Reminder app for iPhone reminds you to take your medication. The app adds a majestic motivation by adding branches to your own personal tree every time you successfully take your pills. You can also add images to pill descriptions in case you find a rogue pill down the road or just get a little confused.

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Yoga for Back Pain Relief

As our bodies age and experience typical wear and tear from life, it’s normal to experience some back pain. Yoga is a healthy way to keep your body stretched out and fend off minor injuries. The Yoga for Back Pain Relief app for iPhone ($2.99) offers a structured set of yoga poses to build strength and flexibility to help you fight off and manage back pain. Start with the beginner series and gradually move your way up to intermediate to keep growing stronger and building a healthier pain-free body.

Herb Guru

If you are looking for some alternative wellness programs to manage your chronic pain, herbs are a natural place to start. The Herb Guru app for iPhone ($2.99) includes the top medicinal herbs and detailed information on what the herbs can be used for in regard to your health and wellness. Use this helpful medicinal app to find the right herbs to match the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. You can also add notes on the herbs and even add new ones you come across in your health research.

300 Sleep and Relax Sounds

Is your pain keeping you from falling asleep at night in a timely manner? Don’t let your health slide even deeper into the abyss by not sleeping well. The 300 Sleep and Relax Sounds app ($0.99) is a peaceful way to aid your body into a good night’s rest. Pick from a myriad of ambient tracks such as ocean waves, city sounds, misty mountains and many more. Comforting music is also nice to use when trying to manage pain from a migraine.