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Four iPhone apps to help kick your vices to the curb

by Kate Currin

If you spend more time smoking than you do on FaceTime with your mom, then Houston, we have a problem. We know it’s hard, but there is a whole universe out there, which includes your iPhone, to help identify the problem in order to start leading a vice-free life. Here are some savvy and silly iPhone apps to get you started on the path to a fabulous life minus bad habits.

Quit It App ($0.99)

Whether you need to quit smoking, want to cut back on the coffee, or can’t stop eating candles… WAIT, if you can’t stop eating candles, you need to go to therapy like yesterday. If you have a minor vice like biting your nails and respond well to badge encouragement, the Quit It App for iPhone might just be for you. Set up your goal and monitor it daily while receiving badge awards for your accomplishments. Then, share on social media to get even more support from friends.

Past Life Regression ($3.99)

Do you think your vice goes deeper than just a bad habit? Could it be carrying over from a past life as a chain smoking gangster? Then you might want to check out the Past Life Regression app for iPhone, which helps you delve deeper into your mind through self-hypnosis and meditation. The aim is to get in touch with your deepest level of conscious to find the source of your vice’s angst so you can kick it to the curb.

ViceCalculator ($0.99)

First things first, figure out how much your vice is setting you back in a day, week, month or even lifetime with the ViceCalculator app for iPhone. This app might just set you straight! Although, a well meaning colleague once tried to talk me out of my daily lattes and she almost had a bigger problem on her hands then just a big credit card bill to pay. But seriously, if you see the effect that those daily cigarettes have on your budget (not to mention your lungs) you might think twice before lighting up again. Buy a small coffee and save the rest for a spa day at the end of the month: a massage is way more relaxing than lung cancer. Just don’t look at how much your daily iPhone app downloads are costing you!

Habit List ($2.99)

Finally, why not forget the bad habits and start a list of new, good habits? Use the Habit List app for iPhone to start a new list of tasks you want to accomplish every day. Try striking a relaxing yoga pose every time you are craving a nail bite, or sipping a glass of water every time you are yearning for a smoke. Before you know it, you’ll kick that vice out of your life and be well on your way to a happy and healthy lifestyle.