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Throw these iPhone apps on the grill

by Dan Kricke

It's summer, so it seems appropriate to fire up some grilling apps for those who think the best cooking happens outdoors!

Steak Grilling Time & Recipes (Free)

Not everyone can be a whiz on the grill, but ruining a bunch of steaks is like poking holes in fine paintings – nobody wins. Steak Grilling Time & Recipes aims to solve your grilling dilemma by providing handy customized instructions depending on the number of steaks on the grill, how you want the steaks cooked and the cut of steak you’re cooking. You can cook up to eight steaks at a time using the app. In addition to the grilling instructions, the app also comes with a Top 10 grilling tips list, blog posts from steak enthusiasts and hundreds of steak recipes sorted by ingredient and cut of meat.

GrillTime ($1.99)

GrillTime is similar to Steak Grilling Time, except it doesn’t offer quite as much detail in the actual grilling instructions. What it lacks in detail, however, it makes up for with options, as it offers cooking times to grill not just steak but also hamburgers, chicken, pork, fish, hot dogs and vegetables. If you’re running a party where steaks aren’t the only entrée and you want to make sure not to mess up the food, GrillTime likely has you covered.

Grill-It! ($0.99)

Grill-It! Provides a wide array of grill-friendly recipes, from beef and lamb to chicken and seafood. The app even gives you tips on grilling appetizers and sides. Each week the app will automatically download new recipes so you’ll never get stuck grilling the same food week after week. You can also favorite recipes you really enjoy to have easy access to them next time you’re ready to grill. As good as all that is, the appetizing photos of the finished dishes make the app even more fun to use.

Weber’s On The Grill ($4.99)

Weber’s On The Grill is the priciest grilling app in this bunch, but if you love Weber grilling recipes, it’s also the only place to find them in the App Store. Weber’s provides over 300 recipes straight from the Weber cookbooks. You can add ingredients from any recipe into an itemized grocery list to make sure you have everything you need from the store, too. And if you need a little grilling assistance, Weber’s On The Grill has over 100 grilling tips to chew on.

Grillmeister ($0.99)

Suppose you try out all of these apps and it turns out you are, in fact, the absolute worst at grilling. Now what do you do? After hanging your head in shame, you can pick up the Grillmeister app. Grillmeister lets you digitally grill food on your iPhone. Photos of the food slowly grilling are accompanied by the sizzling sounds that usually accompany real-life grilling. You’ll never get to actually taste any of this food, but you can send photos of the end result to your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter. They might even invite you over for some real grilled food later.