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Scam Detector


by Sorin Mihailovici
Download this app if: you want an encyclopedia of scams.


Advisor Review

Scam Detector iPhone app will give you an education on getting ripped off — I’m familiar with Nigerian scams, but I hadn’t heard of the docu-drama 419: The Nigerian Scam, which tells a fictional account of the 419 email ruse. Expanding on the knowledge gained while making the movie, the film’s creators developed the app Scam Detector for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Developer Notes

Scam Detector is a free app that exposes in detail over 550 of the most notorious scams in the world. Learn how they work and protect yourself.

This app is produced by the creators of the internationally acclaimed film "419: The Nigerian Scam" and is now an official partner of the Better...


Useful tool — Everyone click on spammy email once in a while, and it's nice having a backup encyclopedia of popular and potentially dangerous scams.