GreatSchools Finder

How good are the schools in your community? Find out with the GreatSchools Finder. Locate and map nearby elementary, middle, and high schools or search listings across the U.S. View... more »

  • Updated April 27, 2012
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Schools Mobile Banking

Schools Financial Credit Union's Mobile Banking allows you to securely deposit checks, use BillPay, transfer funds and check your balances on the go! Features: - Dep... more »

  • Updated February 29, 2012
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Simple easy to use statistics program for students of high schools, colleges and universities. Adapted from SchoolStat for Macintosh released originally in 1989. Aims to facilitate ... more »

  • Updated September 21, 2011
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Find Colleges

The Find Colleges search application makes it easy to search for information about U.S. colleges and universities. Developed by, this innovative app enables br... more »

  • Updated February 03, 2010
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iCollege Guide

This application is for anyone across the world looking to enroll in a college or university in the United States. Foreign students, high school students, current college students l... more »

  • Updated March 05, 2010
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Schools App

Schools App is a Facebook and iPhone application that helps students connect and make friends prior to and during college. Schools App is the official community for incoming and cu... more »

  • Updated June 15, 2012
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Connecting Your School Communityâ„¢ 2012 Journal Record Innovators of the Year, serving over 2,500 schools and counting. School Connect® provides students, parents, and patrons with... more »

  • Updated June 23, 2012
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Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger acros... more »

  • Updated April 05, 2012
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A growing library of over 80 hands-on Science lessons that are great for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are... more »

  • Updated October 06, 2011
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Dictionary is an intuitive, consistent, talking, hyperlinked and integrated English illustrated dictionary and thesaurus, spell checker, vocabulary builder and wikipedia browser. ... more »

  • Updated February 16, 2010
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