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Play "Cosmos Sheriff" kill time really cool

The app which is the one to play by a whole friends. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you'll like it!

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  • App review for Windfinder
  • Posted by iSardegna July 26, 2013
  • Recommended for Outdoors Enthusiasts or Sports Fans

One of the best app for your wind and weather forecast. Windsurfers and Kitesurfers will love it!

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iSardegna, Spiagge della Sardegna per iPhone

iSardegna, le spiagge della Sardegna su iPhone.

iSardegna è un guida app per iPhone con le spiagge della Sardegna. Puoi trovare le spiagge per nome o direttamente sulla mappa della Sardegna. A ogni spiaggia sono associate una descrizione, le indicazioni per raggiungerla e le foto. In totale le spiagge della Sardegna catalogate sono 420. Applicazione gratuita per iPhone con acquisti in app.

Download su App Store

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The Best Video App

I use my iPad and iPhone primarily for watching video. As you can see by my library, I have tried most every video app available and I can easily say that Epoch is the best video app out there. The experience is superior to all others, by far. It is, as they say, effortless. Love the mood based channels, the interface is as simple as television, and with personalization this is like Pandora/StumbleUpon but for video. I highly recommend this app, cannot wait to see where they go with this. Check out the Extreme and Delicious Channel, my favorites.

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Otixo - One app for all your clouds

  • App review for Otixo
  • Posted by galya July 19, 2013
  • Recommended for News Junkies, Gamers, Parents, Students, Career People, Film/TV Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Otixo is a file manager for all your cloud-based content. Access more than 27 clouds with a single app (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Facebook, Box, SugarSync, FTP, Amazon S3, etc.)

Key Features:

1) Copy and move files between clouds without using your expensive mobile data plan (cloud-to-cloud transfer).
2) Search across all your clouds in a single step.
3) Access your important files even when you're offline.
4) Upload photos to any cloud. (Photo Albums, Camera Roll and Photo Stream supported).
5) Cloud round-trip: View, open/edit your files in your favorite apps and then save them back to the cloud with Otixo.

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/otixo-premium/id659381221?ls=1&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.otixo.otixo

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Free memory matching game for anyone who enjoy casual games

Play Match is different because it's educational for kids but also beautifully designed and universally entertaining for adults to enjoy.

There are three free decks (Fruits, Road Signs, Flags) and three premium decks (Birds, Flowers, Landmarks), as well as an option of buying a No Ads feature.

Devices: iPhone
Category: Games
Price: Free
Developer: InnoWave Studio

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Weight loss Herbal Supplements

  • App review for Weight Loss
  • Posted by Vikram001 July 16, 2013
  • Recommended for Book Readers, Students, Sports Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Herbal weight loss supplements are one of the biggest achievements for the people who are looking to lose their weight naturally. Weight loss has always remained as one of the major concerns for a majority of people throughout the world

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Best ever!

The app which is the one to play by a whole family. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you'll like it!

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Find Start

  • App review for Find Start
  • Posted by tonappas July 09, 2013
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Parents, Students, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Social Butterflies, Sports Fans, Tech/Social Networking Junkies, Workout Junkies or Career People

Never lost again! Find Start will guide you back by Augmented Reality and a map!

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uPackingList application is designed to turn packing into fast and convenient activity for any journey – business trip, vacation, family picnic, fishing, Disney Land, etc.
You can easily create lists of necessary items and control packing process. Update your packing list whenever you think you need yet another thing to take. You can create and maintain unlimited number of lists and use a built-in items catalogue, which is simply customizable for your needs. Beside things, a list can include tasks you need to complete before leaving. This way the preparation for your travel will get simpler – just check every item you packed and no detail will be lost.
Friendly and appealing interface that requires minimum actions
Unlimited lists, possibility to reuse any list
A Carefully thought-out catalogue that contains about 300 items
Collapse or expand any category you need, add items to lists with just one tap
An easily customizable catalogue – you can add or change any category and item
When your list is ready you can proceed to packing right away. Mark items as processed with just one tap Vivid presentation of packing progress for all lists
Ability to send any list via e-mail
Ability to enter quantity and note associated with each item
Ability to change icons of categories Various background themes
Ability to remove items right from the Packing screen
Automatic sorting which can be applied while adding items or categories
Winter theme which will provide you some festive spirit (only paid version)
Ability to choose icons for camera album categories (only paid version)
In the 1.8.2 version we have presented a new feature for the export/import of the List and Catalogue that allows you to create the List on iPad and then export it to iPhone. Try this feature using the guidelines below.
For export/import between devices via bluetooth you should make the following actions:
Start the uPackingList app on two different iPhones/iPads/iPods
Go to the export/import settings, choose “Via Bluetooth”
Choose the required device from the list that appears
Pick out the Items Lists or Catalogue you want to export
On the second device the special window will be open with possibility to import Lists/Catalogues
For export/ import using iTunes file sharing you should perform the following actions on the first device:
Open the uPackingList app and go to the export/import settings, choose to export specified List or Catalogue
Find the uPackingList in the iTunes apps list and open Documents folder
Choose exported List or Catalogue and save it on your PC/Laptop
Add the exported and saved List or Catalogue to the Documents for the second device in iTunes
Start the uPackingList app on the second device, go to export/import settings and chose to import List or Catalogue
In the full version it is possible to:
Create lists from templates Add quantity and note to each item
Add photo/picture for any item
Change categories icons
Change background (business, ocean, tourism)
Change Order of Items and Categories
Manually Shopping list (Mark of shopping should be set in the item details)
edit items in the Shopping list
add categories to purchase list
send purchase list to email

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  • App review for Facebook
  • Posted by leknok July 06, 2013
  • Recommended for Social Butterflies


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Lower back pain exercises

  • App review for Lower Back Pain
  • Posted by andie450 June 29, 2013
  • Recommended for Book Readers, Road Warriors, Workout Junkies, Parents, Students or Sports Fans

Treatment for lower back pain usually depends on the type of injury, but in many cases, a couple of days bed rest may be in order. Specialists almost never recommend more than two days, however, as too much rest can make a condition worse. The muscles need to move in order to recuperate and movement can only take place out of bed. If you are resting due to back pain, try to get up and walk around every hour or so, even if it hurts.

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Lower back pain treatment

Since lower back pain is often due to an injury such as trauma from pulled or torn tissue, it is likely that the trauma would occur on one side or the other. If you helped a friend move a couch, for example, and had to twist in an unnatural way, you could pull or tear a muscle in the lower right side of your back. As the injury heals, scar tissue is formed. This scar tissue is weaker than the tissue surrounding it so when stress occurs again in the general area, the scar tissue is likely to be re-injured. This is why repeat injuries to certain areas are common and lower right back pain is experienced over and over again.

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eCard Express Lite - Greeting Cards and Frames

eCard Express application enables users to create and customize greeting ecards with high quality stickers, frames, greeting card messages, and own photos.

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Pill Cabinet - Pill Tracker, Reminder & Counter

Pill Cabinet allows user not only to keep track of pill inventory but to set daily, weekly or monthly reminders to help take medication on time. Along with the list of pills or supplements, user can keep track of where they purchase the products with easy shortcuts to call the supplier, send an email, visit their website and browse through all items purchased there.

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MapCalculator - Measure Distance and Area on the map

MapCalculator helps to measure distance from point A to point B, compose complex distance paths or simply measure an area of a soccer field.
The app allows users to have the center pin as the guide to compose the path on the map by adding and subtracting anchor points. The total distance (or area, if that mode is selected) is automatically updated. The user can save the path for future reference just by tapping the check mark and giving it a name. When saved, an offline map image is automatically generated (if internet connection is available) that can be accessed without internet connectivity later on.

The user can also customize the paths visually by choosing from 5 different colours and line thicknesses. With some people being color blind, there's a color in there for everyone.

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make you happy

  • App review for Happy Life
  • Posted by zsm_135 June 28, 2013
  • Recommended for Foodies, Gamers, Students, Career People, Sports Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

If you are sad or angry, this software will help you
in following aspects.

Firstly, abreact mood yourself.

Secondly, look at some jokes those we carefully

Thirdly, please send us an email and we'll help you

In the future, we will provide more methods with you
to adjust your mood such as pictorial jokes, venting
with photos and so on.

If you have some good advices, email me with shimengzhu860124@gmail.com

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Awesome for passive music exploration

Simple app that delivers an immense selection of internet radio stations. Ideal for those times when you dont want to listen to your own music library. Interface could do with being a bit clearer though.

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Addictive fast-paced word-game!

Letter Stack is a fast-paced word stacking game where you challenge friends to see who can unjumble and stack words the fastest. Drag and stack the blocks to form words, but be careful not to knock down your stack. Each time you form a word, new letter blocks appear. The faster you stack words, the more points you get. Challenge your friends in three, one-minute rounds - the highest score wins!

Play against your friends or challenge a random opponent anywhere in the world. Use the special powerups to gain an edge!

Available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. More details at http://pushpoke.com/letterstack

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PhoFilter - Multilayer Filters

  • App review for PhoFilter - Multilayer Filters
  • Posted by iphonemania June 18, 2013
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, News Junkies, Foodies, Book Readers, Gamers, Workout Junkies, Parents, Students, Animal Lovers, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Music Fans, Shopaholics, Career People, Social Butterflies, Budget Hawks, Sports Fans, Film/TV Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

App name : PhoFilter
Price : Free!!!

Photo filter apps provide cool ways to add a personal touch to your mobile photos and share them with friends. Most of them come with editing tools and social sharing options. Most of you must be familiar with Instagram, the photo-sharing program that allows you add filters to your photos before sharing them on social networks. If you are looking for a multilayer photo filter app with loads of customization options, PhoFilter is a good one to try.


Create new filters to enhance your images through PhoFilter with 244 filters and more to be updated.
Combine 244 and more filters to create a filter that can be uniquely yours and, Share your creative filters with your friends
New filters can be made by mixing up to 12 filers

"Through Fan Filter page on Facebook, you can share YOUR filter with your friends and also use filters that were created by your friends.

Tired of editing images one by one?
Then, this is a right application for you.
With PhoFilter, you can edit and share maximum 30 pictures ALL AT ONCE!

You can leave photographs of your precious moments with more livelihood and amelioration.
Combine various filters to create your own customized filter.

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