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Best App for Bowling

I love this app because this give me the feeling of playing bowling game in real life. 5 out of 5 stars from my side.

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Amazing Life-Events App

  • App review for K.I.S.S Guide
  • Posted by Mariajames332 November 12, 2013
  • Recommended for Workout Junkies, Students, Career People or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

I have used this app. This is really amazing. I can make my own entries and add them to your personal library

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Best apps for kids

This is nice Apps for kids. My Nephew liked this, he is very good interest in doing addition.

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I'm Hooked! No pun intended

I'm a huge fan of iphone apps that bring back the classic arcade game feel and Pirate Coins does just that. It's hard enough to keep me playing, and I just love the graphics and music. Great app.

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Great app!

Awesome app for finding cheap fuel and so much fun with the rewards. It's the only app I use to get gas, since other ones like Gas Buddy and Waze don't really give me such quick rewards.

Thanks guys! Love ya Fuelzee!

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free version of IP address calculator

A free version of this handy IP address calculator - must try

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good for computer networking

Handy and convenient IP address calculator for computer networking folks, including CCNA students needing practice.

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On Key Wireless Equations

Useful for general wireless engineering work, and also for prepping for the IEEE WCET certification exam.

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Pill Cabinet - Pill Tracker, Reminder & Counter

Pill Cabinet offers extremely versatile schedules and allows users to set the dose on a day-to-day basis. For example, it is possible to take a pill on twice on Monday, once on Wednesdays and four times on Saturdays. Pill Cabinet will take of the rest and let users know exactly how many days remain for that item and the date it will finish on. It is also possible to export all information in .csv (spreadsheet) format to send to a health practitioner (including supplier information, such as address, phone number, email & website).

Pill Cabinet also provides an easy way to look into the spending habits related to medication or supplements via the stats screen where users will find weekly, monthly and per dose statistic for each item as well as the total of all items.

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MapCalculator - Measure Distance and Area on the map

MapCalculator helps to measure distance from point A to point B, compose complex distance paths or simply measure an area of a soccer field.

Map Calculator is very flexible. The app allows users to have the center pin as the guide to compose the path on the map by adding and subtracting anchor points. The total distance (or area, if that mode is selected) is automatically updated. The user can save the path for future reference just by tapping the check mark and giving it a name. When saved, an offline map image is automatically generated (if internet connection is available) that can be accessed without internet connectivity later on.

The user can also customize the paths visually by choosing from 5 different colours and line thicknesses. With some people being color blind, there's a color in there for everyone.

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Expert Invoice - PDF invoice and estimate generation, time tracker with CSV export and backup

Expert Invoice allows users to setup multiple identities, which allows for invoice management of more than one business. Combined with user-defined clients, products and settings, generating a PDF invoice for a client is extremely fast and simple to do. Expert Invoice holds on to very valuable information and requires a way to keep it safe. Dropbox backups allow users create a virtually unlimited number of backups that can be restored with a single tap or even transferred between devices. Keeping track of time spent on a project is also easy with Expert Invoice. With gorgeous timers, users can choose to increment the timer manually or start it to run in the background. Running timers will even survive backups and restores.

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iTake: Supplements and Pills Tracker

iTake Supplements and Pills Tracker enables users to organize their supplements and pills into easy-to-read lists with useful statistics and photos.

With iTake, the user simply enters vital supplement information such as capsules per container, serving size, serving frequency, date when supplement was started, then add a photo of the supplement from Photo Library or take one with the Camera. The app will calculate and display gorgeous looking and informative summaries where the user is able to view how many days, capsules, servings and containers left. The user can also include supplier information and price for each supplement so iTake can sort them by supplier and recommend which supplements should be ordered when the stock gets low. Also some useful statistics such as cost per serving and monthly cost is generated based on the price entered by the user.

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Nice game!

Cool graphics, nice music and fantastic gameplay.

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Expert Invoice - PDF invoice and estimate generation, time tracker with CSV export and backup

Expert Invoice makes invoicing on the iPhone simple and gorgeous. Designed for iOS 7 from the ground up, Expert Invoice offers an intuitive, modern and easy-to-use interface that feels right at home on Apple's latest iOS release. Offering features like invoice and estimate creation with PDF generation, time tracking for projects with adjustable timers, CSV export and Dropbox backup, Expert Invoice is the perfect app for any small-business owners or freelancers.

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Awesome and useful

Really easy App to try out paint on your home. Well worth the in-app upgrade!

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Little cool painting app

Love this app! I have many painting apps in my iPad, but this is quite unique. An interface is really cool!

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uBooks XL is a good app for reading

Reading application uBooks is very popular among users of i-Devices. Its interface and features let you use all the reading options at maximum. But there is no limit to perfection. Apple users will be able to try out the new improved application version uBooks XL 3.0, which has been developed by taking into account the users’ preferences. uBooks XL 3.0 now runs on iOS 5.0 or later versions, has minimalistic design and intuitive interface for i-users. The app is multifunctional and easy to use. The new version not only got a number of new features, but also lost some old ones. The app now is free of themes and various ways of page scrolling. Turning on/off the status bar is a history now too. Let’s take a closer look at the improved updated set of features.

Bookshelf has changed in several ways. But you still can use 2 display modes: books and documents.

The books display mode contains the following tabs:
The list of all books, sorted by the opening date;
The list of all books, sorted in alphabetical order by title;
The list of all authors;
The list of all genres;
Scroll down to see the search bar. The documents display modecontains the following tabs:

The list of all the docs, sorted by the opening date;
The list of all the docs, sorted in alphabetical order by title;
PDF documents;
Microsoft Office documents;
Documents in other formats (iWork, Images, RTF, HTML).
Reading Screen
While using uBooks app the user spends most of the time on the reading screen. We’ve done everything to make your reading comfortable. That is why we have overviewed all the features on this screen and included only the most essential ones in the function set.
Let’s go over the changes at the top of the display. There is “Contents” button in the top right corner. It contains the list of chapters and bookmarks of the particular book. Tap on the bookmark sign in the reading mode to add a bookmark. It’s created automatically and matches the percentage of pages read by that time.
To delete the bookmark switch to the “Bookmarks” screen (swipe from left to right and the “Delete” button will appear). Tap the book title to look at the book info, where you can find format and percentage of pages read so far, as well. “Font” button appears on the screen. You can change font family, its size and color, and also change the background right on the reading screen. Press “Done” button to save all the changes. You can also change the font size by zooming using multi-touch gestures (Pinch & Spread).

Books Download
You can still download books using Wi-Fi, Web-browser, FTP client or iTunes.
But we have something new for you! Now you can download books using OPDS catalogues (Open Publication Distribution System). You can also add catalogues, change their titles and links.

The new version of uBooks has 2 types of settings: global settings (located in device’s settings) and local ones. The global settings include:
Book animation – turning pages like in printed books. Switch “Book animation” on to use this option.
All justification – to justify the text switch “All justification” on, otherwise it will be aligned left.
Hyphenation – switch “Hyphenation” on to use this option.
To turn pages comfortably adjust Tap Zones. If you are comfortable with using right and left margins to turn pages, choose the vertical Tap Zone. For top and bottom margins use horizontal Tap Zone. Switching “Reverse” on will cause paging to go vice versa, for example, with horizontal Tap Zone mode on tapping at the top will bring you to the next page, and tapping at the bottom – to the previous one. For text display settings choose “Settings” inside the app.
Inner settings include:
Text display. To read and feel comfortable at any time of the day you can switch from daytime to nighttime mode. You also can adjust the book for yourself and change font type, size and color only for you. Choose background textures, line spacing, horizontal and vertical padding. Enjoy reading your favorite books! We have done our best to improve the product and make sure you are perfectly comfortable while using it.
Text highlighting settings. Set transparency and color, level both for backlight and highlight area.
Language (Russian and English). User-friendly interface is available both in Russian and English from now on. Read books in different languages and use translation functions. Built-in online dictionary can help you to translate various phrases into different languages; you just have to choose right translation settings. New version of uBooks app is another step to make our products better.

Enjoy reading with uBooks XL 3.0! We are always happy to see your comments and rating on Appstore.

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Totally cool

You'll discovery a lot of great songs from all around the world with this app. Also you can create ringtones from any song in the iTunes store in seconds.

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Taking audiosnaps instead of pictures

  • App review for AudioSnaps
  • Posted by Marieta October 14, 2013
  • Recommended for Parents, Animal Lovers or Social Butterflies

I have been using AudioSnaps for some months now and I have to say it's one of the greatest photography apps I've downloaded. Basically, its takes pictures with sound. What makes it worth it in my opinion is that the APP generates a JPEG file, so you can see the pictures everywhere. The thing is that for the same effort of taking a regular picture, you have a picture with sound.

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[New game] "Slot Master - High quality 3D graphics" release news

Morisoft has recently published 'Slot master' for iOS.
You can choose 9 types of slots as your preference and its 3D graphic raises the reality of this game.
Variable fun elements will be provided through mini games and fever-mode.
Morisoft is currently planning multiple events with launching, and it's quite remarkable.

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