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Good Knowledge increasing App.

This is really Good app. This helped me a lot in increasing my knowledge about Catholic. When I start using it, I found myself as ZERO in knowing about Catholic Religion.

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Great Game

Best looking game on iPhone/iPad. The only issue I have with this game is it is so much like the first 2. If you haven't played any of these games, you are missing out! The cinematic epic views will blow you away. The game play is simple slashing and taping at the right times but the realistic look of the game will have you nervous as all heck as you slash and tap your way around the grounds.

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Cute Little Physics Game

Jellyflop is a level based physics type game - has similarities to an Angry Birds though slightly harder since you draw lines. Physics is also the same each time unlike Angry Birds where there is an element of luck and surprise. Love the jelly fish story that goes along with this.

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Good Game

Candy Crush added addiction to Bejeweled. I give this a 4 since there are a ton of match 3 games and I think some that also have better controls. That being said I've never played any that add the impressiveness - by integrating Facebook and a path to progress down!

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Must Have Game

One touch control makes it super easy to play... though watch out as you speed up it gets incredibly hard... overall making this game incredibly addicting!

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Like the first Plants vs. Zombies?

If so you'll love this one as well. If you've never played the first one, there is a pretty good chance you'll like it as well. It has a real-time strategy piece to it where you lay out your defense to stop the zombies (defenses are plants). Kind of like a tower defense game, but placed on a short grid. Great game, second one has some nice improvements as well!

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Fun Builder Game

Fun game that has a lot of similarities to Clash of Clans. The biggest change from Clash would be the ability to war between alliances. You get matched up against 3 other alliances and see who can gain the most honor (points gained by winning battles) over a certain period of time. Your whole alliance then wins premium currency.

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Entertaining Sports Game

Free-to-play game with a career mode to play through tournaments that include PBA professionals. Also a multiplayer mode to play others head-to-head.

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Love the updated design

So simple to use, these guys nailed the user experience. It takes no time to create a promotional video.

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Heathy Eating for Kids

Love this one! Created by a teen to promote healthy eating choices and game play!

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Strong single person puzzler

In the age of freemium, few free games have as much compelling game play without pestering you constantly to spend money. Shape Shuffle offers over 100 free puzzles at different difficulty levels, and offers others in reasonably priced bundles and packs via an unobtrusive store.

The gameplay is simple, the interface is intuitive - a great single person puzzler which no doubt improves spacial awareness and visual skills without feeling like brain training.

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An original puzzle game

With the recent influx of match 3 puzzle games in the app store lately, it's nice to see a puzzle game that offers some original puzzles and gameplay.

The premise is simple. You're presented with a puzzle you have to solve. Using the shapes provided, you drag them into the gameplay area and rotate and reorder them as necessary until you find a solution.

There are over a hundred puzzles available for free when you download the app. You can also purchase additional puzzles and I'd highly recommend the biggest bundle as you get a ton of puzzles for a really great price.

I'd love to see some achievements in the future and variations in the gameplay. I'm sure that will come in future versions. In the meantime I'm hooked.

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Good game

  • App review for Cannoneer
  • Posted by barbaris November 21, 2013
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Cool game to spen some time!

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Manage Files with Ease

The file transferring feature looks good to me. I will try it.

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Minicabs in Deptford SE8 - 02033973753

  • App review for Taxi (Cab) !
  • Posted by othminicabs November 20, 2013
  • Recommended for Students, Outdoors Enthusiasts or Music Fans

Call 02033973753 Minicabs in Deptford and Taxi in New Cross provides a wide range of services ranges from airport transfers, local services and train stationd, call 02086991817 to book your minicabs taxi services in SE14 now.

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Great ideas

Love tracking how much i'm saving and getting new ideas on how to be a smarter shopper. Very fun -- sure beats budgeting!

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Cool App

Glad to be able to tell stories with my photos.

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Nice iOS File Manager

I've got a free promo code of iFile Pocket from Apppicker and used it on my iPhone. This app is really a nice file management tool. It can enable users to view multimedia files, manage files, synchronize with popular could servers, make notes of rich media. Very nice app!

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Totally awesome, much more original than all apps dedicated to "find secret object" thing

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Best App for Bowling

I love this app because this give me the feeling of playing bowling game in real life. 5 out of 5 stars from my side.

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