Developer's Notes for: audioBoom

Developer's Notes

Welcome to the new-look audioBoom app. We’ve changed our name (say hello to the extra ‘m’!) but we’re still the same company, and we still let you record and edit straight from the app!

What’s new is everything else. Our new app provides you with the ultimate in audio content discovery. It’s Radio Reinvented.

* Daily Download - 2 hours of your favourite audio automatically available offline for your commute. Refreshed every day.
* Explore featured and trending content from the world’s best audio producers
* Enjoy artificial intelligence so clever it hurts: the app will suggest content based on your listening history
* Listen to great audio from Sky Sports News, NPR, The Economist, Absolute Radio, the BBC, English Premier League, ABC, The Spectator, AFL, TalkSport, the Guardian, Polydor, Universal Music, Telegraph
* Search instantly for podcasts, categories, playlists and content providers
* Record and edit straight from the app
* Follow friends, podcasters and content providers
* Download and store your favourite audio posts to play offline - even when you’re asleep!
* Record up to 10 mins per clip for free … with as many clips as you like. Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts.
* Send DMs to friends

* Download the app!
* Register or log-in
* Select the categories that you love the most
* Lay back, listen, and let us wow your ears.

* Go to

Tweet us at @audioBoomHelp or visit

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