Developer's Notes for: FaceDeFace

Developer's Notes

This is serious. Period!
"Best Innovative App of the year" - Nick(President, MR)

God gave us a face we cant change. But who says we cant Enhance! Well, FaceDeFace is the first App that gives 100% accurate face analysis report on the basis of golden ratio, and also suggest relevant yet simple ways to enhance your facial attractive index.


FaceDeFace lets you measure the critical 14 point face analysis, and ranks your face out of a scale of 1-100. More to just the analysis and face ranking, on the basis of your face content proportions, FaceDeFace also runs a Decision Support System based algorithm, which provides tips for the perfection you desire for.

Here's what you are looking at:

--Its Serious and Accurate
--Automatically finds room for improvements (According to your Face proportions)
--Suggests easy remedies ( Separate sets for both sex )
--Works even with Blurry images
--Graphical Analysis/Chart of your Facial Geography
--Stores Latest Five and Top Five Results
--Easy to Use, with help on Every Step.

While some top notch celebrities are seen to rank between 85-95 in FaceDeFace Analysis, normal good looking guys around you may rank somewhere between 70-85. But whatever may be your ranking, don't forget to check the DSS based suggestion by FaceDeFace, to get yourself a better look.

1. You will need a portrait/passport type face close up for best results
2. Before you start, check out the visual instructions carefully, to know how to operate this App

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