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Bebot - Robot Synth


by Russell Black


Advisor Review

Bebot, the beat-making app hands you the control — The Bebot sound-making app is awesome. At first, I was completely skeptical, thinking it could hardly compare to its antiquated opponents like the Rubik's Cube, Etch A Sketch, even Lite-Brite.  But Bebot proved to be the kind of game I could get into for hours at a time without getting...

Developer Notes

Part robot, Part synth - Bebot is a versatile musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method, built into an animated cartoon robot.

Check out the demo videos at to see and hear Bebot in action, including a walkthrough demo by keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess.



Let the robot sing — I love this app! A friend showed it to me and I couldn't resist to buy it :-) Usage is simple: You move your finger on the screen and the robot will produce sounds according to your finger position. It will instantly make you smile. In addition to the Bebot sound mode, there are some other...