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Justin Bieber Revenge iPhone app give Beliebers something to believe in

by Kate Currin

I’m a pop culture lover, so of course I’ve heard of Justin Bieber, but I had no idea he had a hardcore following of Beliebers until I downloaded this iPhone game.

The former YouTube star now rivals the greats like Metallica and Coldplay with his own Justin Bieber Revenge iPhone game ($4.99), part of the Tap Tap Revenge series of iPhone games. The Tap Tap Revenge games are an interactive way to enjoy your favorite musician’s collection, especially this one, which includes 11 of Justin’s newest songs.

Like the other Tap Tap Revenge iPhone games, you can play in career mode or battle mode. In career mode, you simply tap the screen to the beat with increasing difficulty, by your choosing, to score points. In battle mode, you can either host a game or join a game and battle it out with other Bieber fans over a Bluetooth connection. If you’ve never played Tap Tap Revenge or Guitar Hero, the iPhone game has a super handy tutorial section that will have you tapping along in no time.

The iPhone game is more than just a knockoff mobile Guitar Hero, it is also a direct line to Justin Bieber news, photos and chat rooms. Although I don’t recommend the chat room for adult fans of the teen heart throb -- leave that for the tweens.

Oh, what I would give to get in a hot tub time machine and invent a New Kids on the Block Tap Tap Revenge.