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Rescue yourself from boredom with sharp new shooter Razor: Salvation

by Andrew Koziara

Razor: Salvation is the latest title from publisher Crescent Moon Games, developed by Blowfish Studios, who also brought us cool titles like Hungry MonstR and Siegecraft. This game takes a very simple concept and totally rolls with it, fully fleshing-out a basic and repetitive yet fun arcade experience. Nothing about the app stands out as incredible, but neither does anything stand out as terrible, and it’s surprisingly addicting once you really dive in.

The setup is simple enough. Aliens have invaded Earth and are infecting its people with a virus. Your mission is to drop into heavily fortified areas to collect as many survivors as possible. Your drop pod is a fully rotating turret, which you’ll be controlling with simple swipes and button presses. As you blast enemies away with a mini-gun, rockets and even a rail gun, they’ll become more numerous and dangerous. Eventually, you’ll take too much damage and be forced to evacuate before trying again.

At first the game seems rather boring as they throw very easily dispatched foes your way, but if you stick with it, it gets incredibly hectic and fun. The amount of tension you feel as your gun suddenly runs out of ammo and you try to switch weapons never dulls, keeping things exciting throughout. The game has the same kind of rotating sub-mission system popularized by Jetpack Joyride and others, and as you complete objectives, you’ll earn lots of money. This money is used to upgrade your weapons and radar. The upgrading is fairly straightforward, but appreciated.

The simple 3-D visuals are well done enough, and the music and sound is all solid. By not bogging us down with plot and unnecessary information, the game does a swell job of retaining a certain tone. My only real complaints are that the controls can be a little stiff, and the loading times a bit too long. By its very nature as an arcade game, it’s quite repetitive, and it won’t appeal to everyone, but the longer you stick with it, the better it gets. Razor: Salvation definitely makes for a solid way to blast the time away.

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