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Best App Out There!

  • Posted by jessicadally February 10, 2012
  • Recommended for Parents, Students or Music Fans

This is easily the best app on the market to teach kids music theory, train their ear and just get them involved in music in a fun way. The app starts off easy asking you to repeat patterns listening to the sounds and watching the notes displayed in front of you. After a while though it gets harder and harder, eventually the number of notes in a sequence to remember becomes longer and the visual cues of where the notes are goes away. Now your kid (or you for that matter) has to remember how many steps that note or sound is from the last one.

What makes this game so amazing is the fact that not only are you learning but you don't think you are because you're just playing a silly fun game. Ah, why isn't all education so enjoyable? While aimed at kids there's no reason someone new to music or trying to learn an instrument couldn't use this to start learning music theory. Better use of time than Angry Birds and much more fun!

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